Bucket List

Listed below are the memories I want to make in my lifetime. I haven't numbered them because I don't have a particular order I want to complete them in, nor is one thing more important than the next.

  • See Shakespeare performed at the Globe Theater, preferably Romeo Juliet.
  • Go sailing.
  • Walk the three hills in close vicinity to my house - Pendle Hill, Boulsworth Hill and Weets Hill.
  • Dance in the rain, preferably bare foot.
  • Take the girls on an airplane. Aug 2014
  • Toast marshmallows on a campfire.18 April 2014
  • Finish writing a novel
  • Attend / organise a Masquerade ball.
  • Go Camping may 2013
  • Visit America again.
  • Pick our own fruit at a pick your own fruit farm 20 July 2013
  • Visit Pikestones ad Bridestones.
  • Write a daily journal. :-/ Regular journal?? Ongoing but finally on it with some consistency
  • Sing karaoke.
  • Visit China/Japan and see the Cherry Blossom in bloom or the Maples.
  • Go to a music festival.
  • Go to another concert of some description. Imagine Dragons with OH and Munchkin One 13 Nov 2015
  • Send a message in a bottle.
  • Learn to speak Italian.
  • Visit Italy.
  • Ride a motorbike.
  • Dye my hair purple. 14 May 2014
  • Attend a Future Bestsellers meeting, in Utah.
  • Own a pair of knee high boots. Dec 2015 :-)
  • Run a colour run with Munchkin One
Items crossed out are the ones completed, some are on-going and will never be fully crossed out but I am good with that!

Lets get living!!


  1. Hi Sleep Joe - next time I come your way storytelling ask me to tell the story of the woman who goes to heaven and is told not to go into room 1812 as this ties in with the bucket list theme. Andy x

  2. Ooooo, now I'm intrigued ;-)


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