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Laugh and Live
Laugh so hard it brings tears to your eyes,
Giggle so long you cheeks ache.
Laugh so often you've no idea the subject, 
But those you laughed with never forgotten.

Missing doors, broken walls
Signs of a time long forgot.
Shades of grey and fluffy white
Tears of life and destruction
Wash the colour from the sky
Then trickle to the Ocean.
A flash of sun turns rain to prism
Technicolour smile across the sky.
This Morning -
An e-mail from a friend
Just the trick to keep me
Smiling through the pain.

This Evening -
An e-mail from a different friend
Just the trick to make
The day that has past worth the effort.
Place of Peace
As it rains leaves
be at peace
for a winter sleep.
Fairies, magic, giggles and smiles
Games, presents and the light in their eyes
Unsteady and painful
A pinch of pig headedness.

Family Day

The smell of sawdust sprinkled like snow
Our little bundle of sooty fur
Safe inside away from the winter cold.

A tentative peace
Reached over a box of colour
And a pile of paper
A get well soon surprise to keep me happy.

The God's have smiled
Twenty five days
a challenge nearly complete.

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