Tuesday, 16 April 2013

It's time to prioritise

So the last time I sat down and seriously wrote was the beginning of January. Pathetic for a supposed writer, right? In the mean time I have tried to cram way too many other things into my already measly free time! Sketching, painting, photography, typewriter restoration and just plain reading oh and..... you get the picture! I am not giving anything my all any more and this just makes me sad.

From now on you are going to be getting a little less of me. I am going to drop down to posting once a week (pause for the celebrations). I don't want to stop posting altogether because basically I'm scared that this little blog is the only thing that keeps me writing. It's just about time I woke up and smelt the coffee, no-one is going to give me a handy extra couple of hours a day so I am going to have to find time myself!

Lets say farewell thee well to Tuesday Tunes/Tuesday Tickles with one clip that gives a little of both.

Here's hoping you stick with me for a while!

Friday, 12 April 2013

The Middle Princess

“Once upon a time in a far away land.....”

Who am I kidding? I’m sorry this story can’t begin in such a misleading way. This is no fairy tale; there is no way to dress this tale up or skim over the brutality of this story. I am afraid we must just jump in with both feet.

Kennis was a beautiful baby; a Princess by birth and the middle of twelve daughters to a harsh King. Yep, ‘The’ twelve Princesses; you know the story, dance all night and worn out shoes. I digress, when the Princesses came of age it became apparent that Kennis was unique. Her Father worried that he would not be able to marry her off and so jumped at the first marriage proposal thrown in her direction. The proposal came from a not so desirable Knight, with a reputation for treating his women (and there were many) badly. But the King was harsh, the Knights prowess on the battlefield was legendary and his daughter was dutiful.

Fast forward five years...

“Where the hell are you? Get out here; it’s about time you gave me with a son.”

She could hear him crashing through the rooms of her prison, getting closer.

Kennis suffered this every night when Kellen was not away defending the kingdom, she suffered his brutal force with grace. Never once allowing him to see the true affect he was having on her; destroying her soul, taking it piece by piece. 

When Kellen had had his fill of her and the ale had finally lulled him into a deep slumber Kennis slipped out of the bed chamber and into the cool moonlight. There she screamed into the night, she let her tears carry away her pain. She called out the name that had dominated her dreams for as long as she could remember; the name of her Prince that would come and save her someday, the Prince who wore out her shoes.

Exhausted, her face wet from tears, Kennis collapsed into the still warm grass. The thought of ending this torture once and for all was dancing around her mind; when a sudden draft beat across her bare skin. Then again; a cool respite from the summer heat. Kennis looked up wanting to cool her face. At first she couldn’t make out the figure before her though her tears, it was huge and were those wings?


Thursday, 11 April 2013

Forgive me for I have sinned!

Any book lover will tell you that there are certain rules to handling books, I do not claim that this is by any means a definitive list but my top irks are definitely listed:

1. Thou shalt not rip pages from books for any reason, other than to fuel a fire in the event of an unexpected ice age.

2. Thou shalt not spill liquids of any kind onto the pages of a book, even if you disagree with the contents.

3. Thou shalt not write on the pages of a book, even when trying to break a coded message hidden within.

4. Thou shalt be responsible and protect the bound pages from all animals; seriously would you like to be chewed!

5. Thou shalt not fold any pages; find a bookmark you lazy sod.

6. Thou shalt not break a books spine. Seriously, does this need explanation??

7. Thou shalt not use a book for anything other than reading; they are not door stops, paperweights or height increasers.

8. Thou shalt not use a book as a flotation device; paper and water don't mix!

9. Thou shalt not lock a book in a case; they are to be enjoyed.

10. Thou shalt return another's book, unless instructed otherwise.


Forgive me book lovers, this week I have sinned.....I have drawn in a book!

I am currently waiting for the lightening to strike, for karma to kick me in the ass....or even worse kick a friend or loved one in the ass. That said if your inbox is suddenly filled with messages from me with increasingly panicked 'ARE YOU ALRIGHT' type subjects....please reply and put me out of my misery. I would hate for someone to suffer wrathful vengeance for a wrong I have committed against a book! 

Did Kerri Smith know how her books would challenge people and their belief systems? It may be titled "THIS IS NOT A BOOK." But if it looks like a book and smells like a book....it's a book.

Somebody help me....I think I will have a breakdown by the time I a faced with a 'rip out this page' task.

What is challenging you this week?

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

This week's inspiration.....

Sometimes a challenge is throw down and it tickles something in your subconscious ....you can make something out of this. There is a story to be had in this prompt; somewhere, somehow!

And then, something else clicks into place. Suddenly you see the whole story, feel the characters emotions and they are born in your mind; to pester you until you allow them to live their lives on the page.

The prompt from my writers group....bwahahaha, I'm not telling you that bit. At least not yet anyway!

The added extra?

Now I just have to kick this sorry ass into gear and write.....

What is your inspiration this week?

Friday, 5 April 2013

Superhero, me?!?! Ha, that one is funny!!

I started my adventure with Kerri Smith a few weeks ago and after letting you lovely peeps to choose which task I would complete first this is where we left off.

To be honest I have spent the last few days wondering how the hell I was going to complete this task. I don't have a particularly great view of myself, I am not confident in anything I do.....I am just great at putting up a front! It really has been a challenge to look inward; to define my personality traits, to find the ones that could be exaggerated and turned into super powers. Oh and then there was the 'create a avatar', that part was just scary!

Until today. Our last family day out of the Easter holidays had us heading off to the Legoland Discovery Centre. The trip was less than inspiring, fun for passing an hour or so but expensive for what it had to offer! The best part came in the shop and the mini-me station. Two minutes later my superhero avatar was born.

Now it's just a case of what she can do.

A slice of my fruitcake

Those of you that have followed me for a while know I love way too easily and way too deeply; people, things, art, books, films...you name it I can fall for it. You will also know that I love nature and being out and about; the tranquillity, the solitude, the inspiration. That is also where I am at my best as a dreamer; I dream so much when I am walking that sometimes I can't remember walking the path I have just come along. Finally I have spent a fairly good proportion of my life feeling invisible and trying to compensate, therapy anyone??

How do these traits along with my resourcefulness (read here nothing is trash, everything has a use I just haven't found it yet!) and productivity under pressure (read here always at the last minute with everything) combine to make a superhero?? 

Meet Brid

Image courtesy of morguefile.com

"Have you seen her then."

"Yeah, course I have."

"You haven't."

"They say that flowers grow wherever she walks."

"No-one has seen her though, she is invisible unless she wants you to see her and they say she makes things appear out of no-where."

"Now you are just making things up, things don't appear out of no-where."

"The very ground and trees and air give them to her, my Mum said!"

"What are you two talking about?"

"Whoa mum....seriously don't sneak up on people."

"So boys, what you talking about out here?"

"Brid, Mrs Brown. Have you ever seen her?"

"Yes and aside from being beautiful her love for all things is matched only by the wrath born down on anyone  who doesn't do as they are told"

"Wow, did she shot someone with her bow?"

"Did she make anything appear?"

"Charlie, home time! Ben, inside and wash up"

"Awwww, Muuuum"

"Now please, or do I have to go call out to Brid?"

First challenge down, which page next?? Does anyone else think this could become addictive?

This song has been going round in my head for the last few days....so now it's your turn ;-) Biffy Clyro - Machines

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Which way? That way? Honestly?

Last week I put the beginning of my surrealist journey in your hands....catch up here if you missed it.

Into the random page generator (read bowl of bits of paper with numbers on) goes: 2, 100, 154.

 Sorry Tangled Lou and Paul, unfortunately there is no page 42 in the book...but I think you knew that Lou ;-)

And the winner is (I was never that great at holding the suspense) 100, picked by Tim Green on Twitter. Talented comic artist and also in need of your votes in a competition see here!

So, Page 100...

Flip forward 5 pages...gives me....

This is a Virtual Reality

1. Make a list of your personality traits

2. Take those traits and exaggerate or embellish them. Create a character (or avatar) with these traits as superpowers.

3. Create several superhero accessories  Examples: Her excellent organisational skills make her fully prepared for every potential crisis. He repels enemies with his love of garlic. She has a great ability to find things in messy spaces. He is a timing expert.

I don't think I could have picked a harder challenge to start my surrealist journey by myself, so thanks for this Tim. Not so challenging in terms of defacing books, yet probably the hardest task in the book for me. I have to find positives in my personality!!

Wish me luck ;-)

And seeing as it is still Tuesday there must be a tune....excuse for a little Stereophonics anyone??

What are your superhero traits? And do you have a cape??