Tuesday, 31 January 2012

One Day, One Week

Seeing as there have been no new poems recently and progress on my current works is also excruciatingly slow I thought I would just babble on for a while about what my life is putting me through at the moment!

Electrical problems, followed by puddles in the kitchen and children setting my washing to go at 60 degrees (including dedicates!) just about sums up the household side of things at the moment, enough said!

The weekend was stressful yet productive. We have a family wedding coming up in May, with our girls being two out of the four flower girls. Our Saturday was spent shopping for their dresses, which they look beautiful in by the way. As a bonus I managed to find a fabulous dress for me in the sale; down from £180 to £48. Needless to say, happy me by the end of the day! Now all I need to do is sort out accessories, hair etc...

The week at work so far can be summed up in one phrase 'be careful what you wish for'. Keep asking for more and eventually you will get it, but why does the extra work always land when you are oddly busy???

All of this peppered with David Nicholls One Day, a break away from my usual fantasy genre, however I must say a very enjoyable read so far! I don't know if it is the humorous way it is written or the way the author confidently tells the story from two points of view or if it is the fact I can identify with the female protagonist so easily, that is making it such a compelling read. Either way I can't wait for the next instalment, so I am off to curl up with my favourite book, just like Charlie Cook (sorry couldn't resist the Julia Donaldson reference!).

What is life throwing at you? What are you curling up to read?

Friday, 27 January 2012

Never Enough Hours...

As I rushed out of the door this morning, ushering my seven year old, who has no sense of urgency what so ever, out before me, it reminded me of a poem I wrote last year and knew in that moment what to post tonight.

It was inspired by a photo from my favourite photographer, a very surrealist picture that embodies what modern life has become!

For more images check out Lee Johnson's blog http://leejohnsonphotography.blogspot.com/p/gallery.html

Slaves to Time

Keep up we're going to be late
The morning mantra to the school gate
When did life stop being so simple
Memories of childhood beginning to dwindle

Oh to be a Time Lord and slow the tick-tock
No longer having to worship the clock
So much to do, so little time
To keep life balanced, a very fine line

Sorry Mr Davies, no time to spare
There is no time to 'stop and stare'
Make like the white rabbit, don't get left behind
As we are all Slaves to Time.

I was reading Lo Johnston's blog today (http://lojwriting.blogspot.com/) and one of the tips for improving your blog is to post frequently. This has been a feature in a number of blogs I have read since discovering this cyber world. Yet the problem is and probably always will be....Time! Although many will say; if this is what you want to do, if you really love to write or blog or anything for that matter, you will find time (I am trying honestly).

My time seems to be, silly o'clock at night when the rest of the house is asleep; aside from our hamster, Phileas, who is nibbling on nuts as I type tonight. When do you find your time to do what ever it is that you love?

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


It's not a particularly long post tonight but I just wanted to say a quick thank-you. I had a slow start with this blog, sometimes you think you are just writing away and when you press 'publish' it floats off into the aether, never to see the light of day again.

Over the last few days I have heard a few comments from friends, who have taken time out of their busy lives to read what I have written and seem to like it. There aren't many things in my life I have been particularly good at, exceptional at nothing, but I enjoy writing. Ok, not so much when the lines of a poem pop into your head just as you are drifting off to sleep, so I enjoy most of it then! For people to say to me that they have read this blog and found it interesting, good or even funny then that is a major boost for me. Is it possible in life to find that one thing that you are good at and enjoy it at the same time? Or is this having our cake and eating it??

So anyway, thank-you! I will endeavour to continue cheering you all up with the quirky nature of my life, my thoughts and my writing ;-)

Monday, 23 January 2012

Love is...

Love is the warmth of summer haze
Or the freshness of crisp winter days
Love is that feeling of butterflies
Whenever you look deep in their eyes

Love is concern when the other is hurt
Or compliments that you look good in that shirt
Love is never feeling sad or alone
Wherever you are that's my home

Love is the passion that spurs you on
Or like the comfy PJ's you love to don
Love is only seeing you
Whilst all about rush on through

Love is the blessings we feel every day
Knowing you are my all, my way
Love is everything we are to each other
Mother, Father, Sibling, Lover

What is Love to you?

Friday, 20 January 2012

It's all in the heart

Today I had a rare afternoon just me and the hubby and it got me to thinking about love and the natural beauty of it.

In Lauren Kate's blog (http://laurenkatebooks.net/blog)  she has been focusing on 'a daily dash of romance' in the run up to her new book being available to buy (Fallen in Love) - I have to say I can't wait for it to be available in the UK. Any way, in her blog on Wednesday she was talking about favourite romantic paintings, I have been wracking my brain, and google, ever since to see what I can find but nothing is really striking that cord with me. I think this probably says more about my limited knowledge and complete inexperience more than anything else, but I always seem to get stuck on Monet. His paintings are so captivating and serene, but not much romance! It seems I am in need of a few trips to art museums to further educate myself!!

My afternoon, however, reminded me that romance and love are in the moment and sometimes it is just hard to capture this any where but in the heart. However that doesn't stop us from trying, providing some fantastic pieces of art, literary works and music... all the things I love in life!!!

I sit here and wonder why
While the world passes by
Finding it hard to understand
The reason we are hand in hand

When all around are busy as a bee
You are the only one I see
You are the one that completes my soul
Without you I wouldn't be whole

I still don't get it, it's lost on me
Why out of everyone you chose me
Am I your missing puzzle piece
It's what I wish for in my dreams.

Thursday, 19 January 2012


Will I ever stop worrying about my girls?????

I think the short answer to this question is NO!!

There are the usual worries; will they do well at school, are they playing with the right friends, am I giving them the best experiences in life.....the list goes on!!!
Then they come home from school, nursery or which ever club they have been at with some kind of injury. Just today I have one home with a black eye after an altercation with a book and one home with a swollen finger after someone with a boney bottom sat on her hand?!?!?
This doesn't even start to cover the random weepy or clingy moods that spring up out of nowhere, with no explanation and you have to revert to when they were babies and psychically deduce what the hell is wrong with them.
I was seriously deluded when I had my first child and ridiculously thought that the newborn stage, sleepless nights etc, would be the hardest part then things would just get easier....Ha, how wrong could I have been! It just keeps getting harder and from what I understand from friends of ours the worries may change but it never goes away. In some respects it just gets harder as they try to get some independence from you. Oh yey, something to look forward to then :-S

Heart to heart chats will ensue tomorrow and I am sure the worrying will ease slightly for a while, until the next injury or heartache appears!!!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Life, Dogs and Vampires

I was just sitting here wondering what to blog about. Should I find a poem to post, maybe talk about some of the characters that come and go from my pre sleep moments or maybe comment on the advice posted by Sally O'Reilly this last week (which has been great, just need to organise myself now!) - http://how2beawriter.blogspot.com/

Then I realised that my very surreal night was a very good talking point. I have been indulging my vampire obsession by catching up on series 2 of Vampire Diaries, thinking about the two dogs I had whilst I was growing up and how I can convince my husband that our family needs a dog. Sorry I do tend to combine some very strange things whilst multi tasking!!

Vampire Diaries; this has to be one of the most frustrating encounters in my recently discovered passion for reading. When the first series aired on TV I loved it and when I discovered it was based on the LJ Smith series of books I figured; books with vampires in was a winner. Unfortunately I seriously could not get into the books, they had changed so much in creating the screen version of Elena, Stefan and Damon that my poor little brain kept getting so confused. This has been the only series of books that I have abandoned, which isn't a good feeling, I don't like giving up on things. I guess the series will have to on to the to be read pile and I will revisit them once the TV hype has blown over!!! In the meant time, phwor Damon v Stefan, who would you go for???

On the other hand one of my friends has today welcomed a gorgeous puppy into their family and it has re-kindled all my longing to have a dog in the house. Whilst growing up there wasn't much time that there wasn't a dog in the house and since moving out into the world on my own I have missed that unconditional way dogs love you. They are always there to jump up and cuddle you, always there to protect you and mean you no longer have to talk to yourself, therefore avoiding the men in white coats! I don't remember much of Suzy, our first dog. She was a gorgeous border collie but sadly she had to go to a new home when my Father was ill, however I will always remember the welcome she gave when I got home from school. Sammy on the other hand I remember more clearly; our mad little cocker spaniel was the most loving little dog anyone could wish to have. I remember saving up to buy him and going to choose him, how could you not fall in love with a cute little puppy tucked away in the corner whilst the other little ones fed. The runt of the litter, the look of relief on the farmers face when I chose him and he fitted into our lives so effortlessly. It was a sad day when we had to help him on his way to a long sleep but I would not have changed a single moment of madness, he was such a loving companion. It is this feeling that I want to be able to offer my children, an experience that I don't think they should miss out on.

So to round up my night, a very strange mixture of reminiscing, indulgence and searching; all revolving around my life, dogs and vampires. Just another episode from the wonderland inside my mind!!!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

How fast time flies!!

Well today we celebrated my youngest daughters 4th birthday. She is officially no longer my baby and we are on the short run to starting school now. Hop, skip and a jump to high school and beyond, wow that's a scary thought!

It makes me so proud to see the little lady she is turning into, although no matter how tall she grows, intellectual she becomes or wise she gets, I think in my heart she will always be my baby. The little 'jelly' that I carried inside me, the sister that my eldest asked Santa for! I remember the stomach ache she gave me every time she got hiccups and how she continued to get hiccups after she was born! She was such an easy baby to look after, never needing to be messed with just wanting to be left alone, I do hope this doesn't mean I am in for hell when she gets older?!?!?!?

There will be no more babies in this house hold so I guess it is time to sit back and enjoy my two girls as the grow in to women and try not to miss out on any moment as they are each precious in their own way!! I just hope when they are my age, hopefully with families of their own, that they look back on their childhood and have as many happy memories as I do; that they can look back and say 'I was dragged up reight' in the broad Lancashire accents they are growing into nicely. You are and always will be my greatest achievements!

So to my Baby, Happy 4th birthday my sweet, today you leave toddler hood behind you, good luck!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

How to be a Writer: NEVER PUT OFF TILL TOMORROW...

Not much to say today. I spent some of my time writing something new, which won't be ready for some time at this rate. I did however spot this on a blog I follow, I love the poem the writer has included, although it's the first time I have read it (shamefully!). Take a look at the blog, if you have ever dreamed of writing yourself you may find some useful tips!

How to be a Writer: NEVER PUT OFF TILL TOMORROW...: I had thought – among a million other random thoughts – that I might recommend a Blog of the Month, but having done a bit of research ther...

Monday, 2 January 2012

Reading List

One of my goals this year is to make a sizable dint in my to read list. I have only recently discovered most of these authors, although there are a couple of classics there that I have been meaning to read for some time. My passion for books and reading started later in life than with most, but I intend to at least start catching up this year!

L K Hamilton - Anita Blake Series
R J Anderson - Swift, Ultraviolet
Joseph Delaney - Spooks – I am Grimalkin
Paulo Coelho - Veronika Decides to Die, The Witch of Portobello, The Zahir, The Pilgrimage, The Devil and Miss Prym
Cornelia Funke - Inkspell, Inkdeath
Alexandra Adornetto - Hades, Heaven
Lauren Kate - Fallen in Love, Rapture
Maggie Stiefvater - Forever, The Scorpio Races, Ballard
Cassandra Clare - The Mortal Instruments Series, The Clockwork Prince
Classics - The Secret Garden, Pride and Prejudice

To all the other bibliophiles, happy reading!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Welcome to 2012

Hello and welcome to 2012, well did anyone notice the difference between 23.59 and 00.00?? OK, so I have been dragged into the new years resolution whirlwind, in my defence they are things I have wanted for some time, I just have to get my act together!!

So there it is, to keep in touch with family and friends on a much more regular basis and get a move on writing some of the things I have started! Wish me luck, seeing as I have just set myself a 12 month deadline.

Let us see if I can muster the confidence to post some more of my writings on here?!? For now all that is left is to wish you a Happy New Year, hoping that all you wish for in 2012 you receive.