Monday, 9 September 2013

Lost in the fire

So another post, the second in a couple of days, aren't you lucky! No seriously, my brain seems to have re-booted following my down time which is good and today I started to think about how to get my body back on-line.

I've started by dragging my sorry ass out of bed before lunch and getting dressed. Planning on three square meals a day sounds like a solid plan to back that up too. Next some simple chores and maybe even a daily walk could be in order, but lets take this one step at a time! I've had my hair done, tamed my eyebrows and generally dragging my body back into some reasonable female looking all I need is to get back into my car and get my freedom back! All sounds so simple doesn't it, now if I could only get my legs to stop shaking after a few minutes stood up that would be great.

Listening to this song and making my get better plans I realised something though, I've changed. Not just changed as I mentioned in my deep and meaningful's before really being knocked off my feet, not the 'feeling lucky I'm alive' kind of changed (which I do, don't get me wrong). There has been a fire and its taken parts of me with it, parts of me I hadn't considered I would ever lose. I'd thought they were just me, those traits you can't change, well it turns out you can.

I mean sure, I've had surgery to remove a non-essential organ so I knew I was going to lose that and my appetite went so sure I lost some weight too. But the one to shock me has been the loss of my willingness to want to do everything, to please everyone. For a long, long time I have said 'yes' to everyone and everything. I have taken on so much; work-wise, volunteer-wise, all-sorts. Now my mindset has changed and although doing all those things was great it is time to concentrate on me, my family and the things that are truly important. Does this sound a little harsh? Probably! (and this is another loss to shock me) Do I care? No!

Sometimes there has to be a fire to clear the way for new life!

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So come on guys, catch me up. Have you lost anything to shock you recently, or has it just been your keys? What is everyone up to? Are you listening to any new tunes? I've missed you all tonnes!!


  1. I lost my writing mojo in the midst of the chaos. But, I think I got it back.

    Don't ever apologize for saying no. You have your priorities right where they should be.

    (And good luck with the post card.)

    1. Yay for writing mojo, its a fickle old thing! (Psst keep your fingers crossed for February talking of writing)

      As for priorities, its funny sometimes how you need a kick in the pants so see which are the truly important ones ;-)

  2. Welcome to my side of the world! I please nobody and eat Twinkies. I'll save you a seat.

    Seriously, hope you are recovering & getting plenty of TLC.

    xoxo Mar

    1. There are Twinkies on this side of the wonder I have never had one and why didn't I make the move sooner?!?!

      Honestly the TLC has been plentiful and I hope the end of the tunnel is finally here ;-)

  3. I get lectured on a fairly regular basis by many people around me for my inability to say "no." I always think it's funny that the ones who are counseling me to say "no" more often to other people are nearly always the ones who ask the most of me themselves. Heh. Anyway, though we did not come to it in quite the same way, it seems we are coming to some of the same conclusions about priorities and self-care. It's a brave new world--and if Marianne is to be believed (and she totally is), it involves TWINKIES!


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