Friday, 7 November 2014

Slipping Away

Writing Prompt

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"Do we really need to keep this?"

"Yes, it's from Charlie's first week of school."

"What about this?"

"Yes, our first holiday on abroad."

"Seriously we can't need all of these cards and pictures! Can we?"

Liv rolled her eyes. Why was Ian so intent on taking away all of her connections to the past? Their memories, their moments.

She got up, grabbed her cup of tea and walked out into the garden for some fresh air. She would have to let go of some things at some point. Mara would be off to high school soon and there was no more room for 'stuff' in the house, just like there was no more room in her brain.

Cradling the warm china in both hands, inhaling the honeyed vanilla sent Liv closed her eyes and sank into the bench and her memory. 

The fresh clean air in her lungs, the smell of the damp wet grass under her boots and the chatting about nothing as they walked.The blue sky and the birds calling, stopping while he tried to tell her which bird was which. Then the feel of his hand slipping around hers. The warmth and the pressure of his fingers made her feel safe. But then the unspoken hung heavy in the air, the next step that would never be. Neither wanting to let go knowing they would never get this moment again. The memory would be the only thing they would get to keep.

Now Liv worried that her memory would fail her, eventually she would forget this too along with everything else. She had nothing to connect it to.

What ever you take, what ever you throw away. Please let me keep this memory.

After much deliberation it here is a little Stone Sour acoustic to go with today's post. 

What memory would you not want to let go of? What do you keep playing over and over in your mind like a movie on repeat, just so you won't forget any little detail?


  1. This breaks my heart. I keep reading through and tears.

    For me it's a night on a roof. I am letting go of the details.

    1. I know what you mean....the details are what make it special but they are the first to go. Then the vague memory, then the feeling. There are some I don't want to loose, some I know I've already lost!

  2. For me it's something I wish I could let go of, but it keeps replaying over and over, like I'm trying to make it have some meaning. But I loved your piece, especially ask the little details! Like the warm china and the pressure of his fingers...

    1. :-) Thank you. What about the one memory you couldn't live without?

  3. A phone call I answered one night in the graduate communications department - against my better judgement.


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