Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A Touch of Randomness....just in case you were missing me ;-)

I've been thinking about fruit today. A gorgeous bowl of exotic fruits, cut up and glistening on a platter. That fresh smell, healthy...everything that is good for you. But I bet given a choice there is something naughty lingering in the back of your mind. Something tempting you; you know the fruit will never fully satisfy but this something would. Lets use Ben and Jerry's Phish Food (my temptation of choice) as an example, it's no good for you but when faced with fruit you lust after it with amazing passion. You know every silky mouthful will be satisfying right until the last mouthful, ensuring you would crave all the more next time. Why is it we are never satisfied with the things that are good for us? Why do we always crave what we shouldn't want?

And why does this random analogy work for many other parts of our lives??

Just a bit of what I am listening to at the moment!

My solution? Add my ice cream to my fruit ;-) How do you balance what is good for you with your naughty side?


  1. Great advice! I'm adding a Flinstones' vitamin to my Cheez-Its now! ;)

    1. How funny is it that I posted this as a metaphor for how I was feeling at the time but now can't remember how I was feeling or about what?!

      Think I need some of those vitamins, my memory needs a kick up the proverbial ;-)


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