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The Book-hangover and How to Recognise One.

Readers of the world, if you have experienced one of these you will know what I am talking about. Some of you may have gone through this without being able to label the feelings, others may sit there and wonder what I am about to witter on this later group you are heathens!!!

I am happy to report that I am not highly susceptible to book-hangovers. Much like I can drink copious amounts of tequila without suffering the morning after, I can read most books without many problems....or if I do suffer the symptoms are minimal. Every now and then though the hangover lasts a number of days but unlike an alcohol related hangover though the lasting effects of a book hangover may never fully dissipate!!

Original posted here along with A Fantasy Reader's take on the book-hangover

How to Recognise a Book-hangover (my lay-man's assessment)

They are usually experienced following the completion of a particularly good book or series of books. I should note here that the books in question to do not have to be considered literary greats, they don't even have to be anything you would admit to reading, however they do generally speak to you in some way shape or form. They grab your attention, your heart, or just get you thinking long after 'the end' has appeared.

Symptoms include but are not limited to:
  • An inability to put the book down that you are reading. This is a warning sign! Take my advice; if you notice this kind of response to a book, make it last as long as possible. Delay the gratification because once it is over there is no going back!
  • A desolate or hollow feeling deep in your core may follow completion of the book, like you have said good bye to a great friend and you may never see them again.
  • You find yourself thinking of the book, the characters or the issues raised an inordinate amount of you time.
  • Music, situations, buildings, name it will all remind you of what is over!
  • There may be changes to your appetite; comfort eating, loss of appetite...what ever your poison!
  • There will most certainly be a constant yearning for more! Much more! Which may also be accompanied by a yearning to find the author, grab them and shake them until they agree to write another instalment! *Beware of Twitter and Facebook stalking the authors this may exacerbate symptoms*

Is there a cure you ask? 

None that I have found as yet! Other than getting hooked on another book and risking an equal or greater emotional response!

On the flip side the book-hangover is one of the greatest compliments that can be paid to an author!! I can only pray that I will elicit this kind of response from readers if I ever get published.

NB the book-hangover can also refer to the zombie feeling felt after having sat up all night reading.

So have you ever experienced a book-hangover? Would you admit which books keep you up at night?
Just a bit of what I have been listening to whilst suffering with the worst book-hangover I have ever experienced!!


  1. I often get this feeling when I finish a really good book, you feel a bit lost, and cant seem to concentrate on anything but the great story you've just finished reading. Still, it does give you a good excuse to go to the book shop and treat yourself to a new book :O)

    1. Or just mosey on over to my 'to read' book case ;-) Nah...buying a book is a much better idea!!

  2. This book totally made me laugh thinking of all of the times I've closed a book feeling like I just said goodbye to a dying friend or something. Book hangover is one of those love/hate things! Great post!

    1. I get what you mean....hate the way you feel, love that the author was skilled enough to do it, hate the constant distraction, love that it usually necessitates a new book immediately ;-)

  3. I meant to say, "this post totally made me laugh" lol

  4. I was finishing up a Dean Koontz book (Odd Thomas series) and feeling very disappointed that I would have to wait for the next. (Because I thought the one I was reading was new.) Then, after the last page, I saw an ad for his next 'Odd' book, coming out spring of 2013. There's a cure for a book hangover!

    1. Awesome, the book I've just finished I thought was the last one until I got to the end and it's obviously there will be a 4th.....unfortunately I have to wait for it to be written, grrrrr!


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