Thursday, 16 January 2014

Lost in the Music

What is music to you?

I have been thinking about music a lot lately. It has such a key role in my life (like you'd never guess from my posts) that when I had a conversation with my Other Half a few weeks ago and it turns out that music doesn't really affect him that much, it really shocked me. I don't know why it did, I mean obviously not everyone has the same interests but the fact he didn't even have a go to song when he needed a pick me up...I just couldn't comprehend that!

Music means so many different things to me, I can't understand the 'it's just something to listen to' mentality. I'm sorry if you fall into this category, if the lyrics float over your head and never really connect with your emotions or the thumping bass has never caught in your chest making you feel the beat in your core. No truly I am really sorry because to me music is something that can calm me, it can pick me up, it can move me to tears as easily as it can make me smile and if it doesn't affect you in any of these ways I don't know what to say. I'll just try to sum it up as best I can the only way I can.

For me it's the songs that you cried to as a teenager or the anthem you pumped out to make you feel stronger.

My Anthem!

The songs filled with memories; the ones from our wedding, the song that was playing when munchkin number two was born (there were too many drugs involved with munchkin one to be totally sure!)

Munchkin number two's arrival

Lyrics that mark the end of an era and the start of a new one, packed with memories of someone I miss tonnes.

I was exactly where I needed to be!

Would I have made it through last year without a group of amazing friends who helped me when time were tough? Probably not, and you guessed it there is a song for that too. Every time it comes on I think of them and how grateful I am they are in my life, every time one of us is in need we are there for each other...we're not brothers we are sisters but the sentiment is the same!

Because sometimes we need reminding we are not alone!

Then there is the album that will forever be linked to munchkin one and her first rock concert. The moments and the songs that we shared that will be brought back every time those songs are played. The look of awe and amazement on her face, the huge balloons, the shock form those around us that a kid, a girl at that, could like music like this. I'll admit that I was in my 20's before I got to a decent concert and in my 30's before I got the feeling of being shoulder to shoulder bouncing to the beat and getting lost in the music along with those around you. I am glad my children will have had a chance at that sooner, it is one of the best experiences in the world.

Not my favourite on the album but the first song played so special memories!

Finally there is the huge role that music plays in my writing, even my reading to a certain extent - as my writing group can tell you I have been know to attach songs or even playlists to characters or story/books that I have read....I make no apologies for what my brain does in it's spare time! I have said before that I am very visual with writing and pictures lead to inspiration, well the same can be said of music too. Songs and lyrics lead to characters, scenes, plot twists and lines of poetry even at the most inconvenient moment half way down the motorway!

What is music to me? My memories, my characters, my friends, my tears and my escape. I went to a 30 Seconds to Mars concert in November which was great, but I'm telling you because at it Jared Leto dedicated a song at one point to anyone who had ever used music or been to a gig as a way to escape. It will make sense when you listen to this last song that I am going to leave you with, it is one of my favourites of the matter what Get Back Up!!!

So while you listen to this one, what is music to you?


  1. More than half the playlists on my iPod are actually labeled by the emotions I feel when I listen to them. I'm thinking the next list I put together will be one to listen to while I clean the house; I'll need some very pumped up songs to motivate me!

    1. Music has an awesome way of helping us do those tasks we'd rather, exercise ;-)

  2. I love your description of how the music gets you here, because it's exactly the same to me - I can't listen to music as a background for something else; it has to be what I am doing at that time. How many homework sessions have been interrupted by a "I'll just put my iPod on while I finish this page..." that has turned into an eyes-closed sit-back!? I, too, can't imagine feeling nothing at all for music - especially as it's the meaning for me, not the song itself, that really gives the appeal.
    I know a lot of people find help in their writing through music. On one of my CCW(Creative Community Writing) sites, it's custom to give your character a song - sometimes because the song fits the character, but sometimes to actually help the character develop. Songs always seem to magically come on at just the right time when considering a difficult character - and sometimes even the most unlikely of places! I was struggling with a particularly nasty character, for instance, because I couldn't work out what her motivation was. I'm a person that has to have all of their characters have an utterly real and relateable story to them(probably something to do with the theatre!), and the reason for her nastiness was just beyond me. And then - heaven help me for saying it - I had Wrecking Ball forced upon me... And suddenly I completely understood the character. Hopefully I'll be forgiven for the song choice, but the effect was the same: just like music can help you understand yourself, it can equally help you understand someone else - even someone who wasn't really real!

    1. It matters not what the song is, or where it comes from. Like you said the meaning is usually holds the stronger pull.


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