Wednesday, 5 March 2014

You're My Hero

We read stories every day packed full of hero's. Watch films hoping for the hero to prevail. How often have we been asked who our hero's are?

Once of a day I would have answered that question with a person. Not particularly because of that person but because of what they stood for, their fight for the greater good.

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Mandela was a symbol of something for me for a long time and I mourned with everyone else when he died.  But I realised recently that as much as I admired him for all he did in his life I no longer think of him as my hero. I've been wondering if this is a consequence of growing older; 'another year older, another year wiser' and all that. Or does it have more to do with everything I went through last year? Maybe I will never truly know the reason but for me more regular people have become my hero's.

So how is it that you, yes you, could potentially be my hero? Well, there is a possibility you could save my life. You see I have a blood condition similar to Hemophilia where I don't clot very well. Little bumps and cuts aren't so bad but bigger things or operations require medical attention and often blood products. Most of my life I have seen this as an inconvenience; yearly check-ups and nothing to report. But recently things have changed. I have come to see the importance of the small acts of heroism that everyone is capable of that could save my life or that of the person stood next to me. Those small parts of themselves given selflessly for others. These people, Blood Donor's, are my are my hero and thank you!

So who is your hero? Have your perspectives changed at all? Have a listen to this and let me know.

And if you can, read the book before you see the film, one of those books I couldn't put down recently!!

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