Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Batten down the hatches!

I'm feeling a little like Eeyore

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I was so enjoying the sunshine. The warm glow on my skin. The smell of sun cream and cut grass on the light breeze. The fun and games punctuated by laughter and screams. And the colour it brought to my life. I enjoyed having it all in my life again, it was nice while it lasted.

Now the storm is on the horizon again. The pressure is building, starting to feel truly oppressive.  I knew it wouldn't be long, I knew I couldn't out run it and there it is creeping closer. Stormy grey clouds looming and starting to block out the light. This time I don't think there is any dodging the eye of this storm. Soon the first cracks of thunder will rumble out. Then the light show will begin, few may even be struck by bolts of lightening.

Truly awesome
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It's interesting to see how people prepare for a storm:

1. The Ostrich - stick their head in the sand and make believe nothing will touch them.
2. The Leopard - watch them take off and attempt to out run the storms path.
3. The Beaver - build, re-build, shore-up, all in an attempt to minimise the effects of the storm.
4. The Humming Bird - known for their fantastic rate of flapping.

Storms, in general, don't scare me. I love our little British efforts (most of the time they're a flash in the pan with no damage); the anticipation, the show and then the relief of the rain. I get the feeling though, it's going to be quite some time before we will get to dance in the rain with this storm. And that is what worries me, that is what sends me through all of the above character types (not an exhaustive list sourced from anywhere other than my brain). With only the leopard removed from the equation, I won't run again, I wonder which I will settle on.

Yet I can't help but think this storm we're facing is just a baby compared to the ones our Grandfather's and their Father's before them faced. Who are we to fear when they faced World Wars and Depression?

Do you know which character type you are? Is it listed? Or do you behave completely differently when a storm is on its way?

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