Wednesday, 11 June 2014

I Wish....

We've all read one of those books that's really stayed with us. Ones that give you a stonking book-hangover? ...Yeah, I've just finished one of those. In fact all three books in the series have been a bit like that, but this last book has been the worst by far.

Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor. The final part (kind of) of an epic love story between Karou and Akiva amidst impending apocalypse. Parts of this story have been coming to mind ever since I finished it, for example whilst watching my daughters football team win a match at a recent tournament 10-0 I found it comparable to the angels massacre of Loramendi (at least in my head it was). I now find myself yet again remembering another part of this fantastic story.

At the beginning of the series we see  wishes being traded, usually for teeth, and they come in various denominations a little like money. There is a scene in Dreams of Gods and Monsters where Karou's best friend Zuz and here boyfriend Mik end up with a violin case full of wishes. They spend some considerable time debating the right or wrong way to spend the gavriel's, which are worth more in terms of wish granting capacity. However they eventually decide to try not to spend these wishes and save them, becoming the self titled 'Wish Police'.

I tell you all this because this song became available to download today on iTunes, which I did as soon as I knew. It got me to thinking though and you know how that can be a bad thing with me! Have a listen while I tell you all about it.

I must have listened to this song at least twenty times today, I just love his voice. But not only that, this song in particular throws up visions of dancing in my head. A sensual, foot to foot Argentinian Tango. Two bodies moving in perfect synchronicity and fluidity. Eyes meeting with intense passion, heat and flame dancing between the pair as they share the beat of the music and the meeting of souls. It makes me wish with a passion so deep that I had never given up dancing, that I had a partner to share a song like this with in its entirety. That I could play a track like this and get lost in the movement and the beat with only another body to ground me.

Lovely mystery couple.
image found here

Would that be a waste of a wish? Would Zuz and Mik be on my tail? And what would I wish for anyway?...the chance to dance or the willing/able partner to dance with? If I had a gavriel would I frivolously spend it on regrets or spend it more wisely on sensible things. I guess it depends if this track was playing!!!

What would you wish for given the chance? And no world peace or generic happiness please, those are too big for simple wishes to handle.


  1. Have you tried bellydancing? I think you would love it.

    I would wish for the ability to run, now and for the rest of my life, without any pain.

    1. I've never tried bellydancing, mainly because I have an issue with that area of my body. But if I could forget about that I'm sure I would love it :-)


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