Thursday, 11 April 2013

Forgive me for I have sinned!

Any book lover will tell you that there are certain rules to handling books, I do not claim that this is by any means a definitive list but my top irks are definitely listed:

1. Thou shalt not rip pages from books for any reason, other than to fuel a fire in the event of an unexpected ice age.

2. Thou shalt not spill liquids of any kind onto the pages of a book, even if you disagree with the contents.

3. Thou shalt not write on the pages of a book, even when trying to break a coded message hidden within.

4. Thou shalt be responsible and protect the bound pages from all animals; seriously would you like to be chewed!

5. Thou shalt not fold any pages; find a bookmark you lazy sod.

6. Thou shalt not break a books spine. Seriously, does this need explanation??

7. Thou shalt not use a book for anything other than reading; they are not door stops, paperweights or height increasers.

8. Thou shalt not use a book as a flotation device; paper and water don't mix!

9. Thou shalt not lock a book in a case; they are to be enjoyed.

10. Thou shalt return another's book, unless instructed otherwise.


Forgive me book lovers, this week I have sinned.....I have drawn in a book!

I am currently waiting for the lightening to strike, for karma to kick me in the ass....or even worse kick a friend or loved one in the ass. That said if your inbox is suddenly filled with messages from me with increasingly panicked 'ARE YOU ALRIGHT' type subjects....please reply and put me out of my misery. I would hate for someone to suffer wrathful vengeance for a wrong I have committed against a book! 

Did Kerri Smith know how her books would challenge people and their belief systems? It may be titled "THIS IS NOT A BOOK." But if it looks like a book and smells like a's a book.

Somebody help me....I think I will have a breakdown by the time I a faced with a 'rip out this page' task.

What is challenging you this week?


  1. My daughter and I just had a discussion where I told her to stop turning down the corners of pages in books, and she said if she didn't, how would any one know it was a well loved book? I finally told her not to do it to library books or any of mine and pray she'll grow out of it!

    1. They'd know it was well loved because of how nice the book still looked. Creases are not like wrinkles, they don't denote and increase in wisdom and beauty. Sorry librarian hat off, I will change my out look on this ;-)

  2. Replies
    1. Ha ha, not sure about that. Promise you'll put me back together if I explode trying ;-)

  3. I adore this post. I am very finicky about the treatment of books. Some of the spines of mine have fallen apart from much use, but if I see anyone bending the front cover around the back cover of a book, I very nearly faint.

    I write in books all the time. All the time. I underline things and make notes and I write dates and reminders about the books on the flyleaves. Forgive me. I don't write in library books, though. That's just rude.

    Draw away, baby. You can do this. It's all about breaking out of the rules you've made for yourself, no?

    1. I am soooo trying to break my own rules, I figure it is all part of trying to stay young ;-)

      Maybe this will help me to write in my other books, I am forever flipping through them because I have lost the bit I thought was important!!

  4. I'd never fold the page of a library book, but I do it to mine. (sorry!)
    My challenge this week was writing a bio for a program. I don't like doing it. I read a bunch of other ones to get an idea, but still worry over it even after I've sent it in. Oh, well.

    1. Hey, no sorry needed. Each to their own ;-) As for writing about yourself bah, I hate that even more than writing in books!! I hope you have managed to relax now!!


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