Friday, 5 April 2013

Superhero, me?!?! Ha, that one is funny!!

I started my adventure with Kerri Smith a few weeks ago and after letting you lovely peeps to choose which task I would complete first this is where we left off.

To be honest I have spent the last few days wondering how the hell I was going to complete this task. I don't have a particularly great view of myself, I am not confident in anything I do.....I am just great at putting up a front! It really has been a challenge to look inward; to define my personality traits, to find the ones that could be exaggerated and turned into super powers. Oh and then there was the 'create a avatar', that part was just scary!

Until today. Our last family day out of the Easter holidays had us heading off to the Legoland Discovery Centre. The trip was less than inspiring, fun for passing an hour or so but expensive for what it had to offer! The best part came in the shop and the mini-me station. Two minutes later my superhero avatar was born.

Now it's just a case of what she can do.

A slice of my fruitcake

Those of you that have followed me for a while know I love way too easily and way too deeply; people, things, art, books, name it I can fall for it. You will also know that I love nature and being out and about; the tranquillity, the solitude, the inspiration. That is also where I am at my best as a dreamer; I dream so much when I am walking that sometimes I can't remember walking the path I have just come along. Finally I have spent a fairly good proportion of my life feeling invisible and trying to compensate, therapy anyone??

How do these traits along with my resourcefulness (read here nothing is trash, everything has a use I just haven't found it yet!) and productivity under pressure (read here always at the last minute with everything) combine to make a superhero?? 

Meet Brid

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"Have you seen her then."

"Yeah, course I have."

"You haven't."

"They say that flowers grow wherever she walks."

"No-one has seen her though, she is invisible unless she wants you to see her and they say she makes things appear out of no-where."

"Now you are just making things up, things don't appear out of no-where."

"The very ground and trees and air give them to her, my Mum said!"

"What are you two talking about?"

"Whoa mum....seriously don't sneak up on people."

"So boys, what you talking about out here?"

"Brid, Mrs Brown. Have you ever seen her?"

"Yes and aside from being beautiful her love for all things is matched only by the wrath born down on anyone  who doesn't do as they are told"

"Wow, did she shot someone with her bow?"

"Did she make anything appear?"

"Charlie, home time! Ben, inside and wash up"

"Awwww, Muuuum"

"Now please, or do I have to go call out to Brid?"

First challenge down, which page next?? Does anyone else think this could become addictive?

This song has been going round in my head for the last few now it's your turn ;-) Biffy Clyro - Machines


  1. Replies
    1. *blushing* dawwwww, thanks! You're not sa bad ya self (translate - you be awesome too!!)

  2. ooooh that was really good but ended way too early. Is there a page 161?????

    1. Lol, thanks. There is a page 161.......but it's blank ;-)

  3. Superhero Sleepy Joe! You look pretty awesome as a superhero, I'll say - now, what's next...? Let's go with a nice even 111 - the age of Bilbo Baggins when he vanished at the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring :3 Wow, that sounds sad... Anyway, good luck on the next part!

    1. Lmao....111 is blank too! Oh well, loved your reason for the page number choice!


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