Tuesday, 16 April 2013

It's time to prioritise

So the last time I sat down and seriously wrote was the beginning of January. Pathetic for a supposed writer, right? In the mean time I have tried to cram way too many other things into my already measly free time! Sketching, painting, photography, typewriter restoration and just plain reading oh and..... you get the picture! I am not giving anything my all any more and this just makes me sad.

From now on you are going to be getting a little less of me. I am going to drop down to posting once a week (pause for the celebrations). I don't want to stop posting altogether because basically I'm scared that this little blog is the only thing that keeps me writing. It's just about time I woke up and smelt the coffee, no-one is going to give me a handy extra couple of hours a day so I am going to have to find time myself!

Lets say farewell thee well to Tuesday Tunes/Tuesday Tickles with one clip that gives a little of both.

Here's hoping you stick with me for a while!


  1. Best of luck with your writing! :-)

  2. Nuuu! I think we're all going to be really sad to see you fade away here - or would it be not see you? - especially since I only just started to seriously follow your blog. But you have to do what you enjoy and keep time for everything, and if that means prioritising then it's only you who can decide that. Good luck in the future, especially with your writing - I guess it's back to seeing you once a month!
    Regarding the hours-in-the-day dilemma, we had an assembly recently about what you do in the day, and how much time you spend doing things. At the very end, the headteacher turned to the year, and said "If you find yourself struggling to fit in all of your clubs, homework, coursework, extra-curricular activities and relaxation time, but you don't want to drop anything, then make your own hour in the day. Every one of us has some point in the day where we're wasting time doing nothing, and yet we complain at other times that there's too short a time to do everything. Maybe it means getting up an hour earlier and doing your hobbies in the morning; maybe it means doing your homework at lunchtime instead of after school. Whatever time you can break off to do something when you normally do nothing, make it."
    And I simply looked around at the tired, bedraggled, bored faces, and thought: You seriously think you can make these people get up an hour earlier every day?
    I think I'd rather do my hobbies or homework during assembly, if it's all the same to you.

    Good luck with everything ^ .^

  3. I will never let go. (cue: Celine Dion ballad)

  4. I am back and you are leaving..? :( I will miss you, but I understand.

    I'll be here. :)


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