Monday, 8 September 2014

One eye open

"Seriously Shake what were you thinking? You can't just go gooey eyed or what ever that was at the Cap'n, not even if he were that last pirate on board."

"I know John but you've seen how he looks at me I can't ignore him forever."

"You can damn well try, hide in the crow's nest forever if you have to. It's a better than Elise getting her hands on ya scrawny neck!"

That evening Shake was just climbing down the rigging, she'd swapped shifts with Jim-Lad in the crow's nest  and pulled a double (although no-one quite knew why they still called him Jim-Lad given he was the oldest pirate on board at 60) when she turned straight into Tobias. Captain Tobias Black Heart, the sexiest captain on the seven seas. With his shirt half unbuttoned and his belt slung on his hip, cutlass and musket tucked in it always at the ready and his long hair pulled back with that leather tie. And those eyes, blue as the oceans they sailed.

"You've been avoiding me." He said pinning her against the mast.

"Um me, no. the sir." Shake kept trying to keep calm, avoid eye contact. Anything to avoid her wrath. Then she heard it the rhythmic thunk....thunk....thunk....thunk of Elise's heeled boots on the decking. Tobias had heard it too, his Captain's mask appeared, not the playful face he wore when trying to catch her but the one he wore around Elise. He straightened his posture to one of authority and backed away.

"My sweet Elise, don't you look positively ravishing tonight"

Elise stood there, hands on her smooth hips; wearing tight leggings that disappeared into her knee high boots and white over sized shirt stylishly spilling out of the tailored waistcoat, complete with pocket watch. Her hair a mass of sumptuous curls framed the perfect heart shaped face, red lips and signature eye patch. No one knew if the legends were true, if she only had one eye or if she simply wore the patch to constantly keep one eye acclimatised to the dark so that going into the bowels of the ship could be done so quicker and with ease. One thing was known...she slept with one eye open

Here stood the Captains gorgeous mistress, who arguably had more sway than on this ship than the Captain, she was the mad jealous type and Shake had just been caught with in spitting distance of her lover.

Shake was in trouble, maybe learning to sleep with one eye open wasn't such a bad idea.

Today's daily prompt hot from Leah and the writer's group:

Writing Prompt for September 8: Write about a girl named Shake.

I was also a little inspired by this song. Make of it what you will ;-)

I hope everyone else if having some fun writing, if not daily prompting.


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  2. "And those eyes, blue as the oceans they sailed." Love it! Don't think I ever would have thought to write about pirates, but Shake is a great pirate name! Keep it up!

    1. And here's me thinking that line was way too corny....thank you!

  3. I love the thought of wearing the patch to keep one eye acclimated to the dark. Wow. Great job!

    1. It was something I read somewhere and just thought it had to be included in a story sometime.


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