Friday, 5 September 2014

Wake the Zombie.

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"Mmmmmmmm" Gabby murmmered. 

"Urgh" She grumble as the cold morning air rushed into the tent, the smell of pine needles and earth flooding in with it. Burying back down into her sleeping back searching out the warmth and breathing in the sweet warm smell. But the outside smells were creeping in, tickling her senses waking her when all she wanted to do was remain in her cosy cacoon.

The remenants of sulpher wafted in to assault her nostrils. Getting back to sleep was out of the question now, Alex was intent on rousing this morning zombie. Yep, there it is the tickle of burning wood.

"I'm still not moving" Gabby shouted. Alex just laughed.

A few more moments of warmth and then the bitter aroma of coffee came creeping in.

"You're not playing fair!"

A couple of clangs later and the torture was more than Gabby could stand. She unzipped her sleeping bag, pulled on her hoody and boots then stuck her head out of the tent.

"Bacon?! Are you trying to torture me?"

"How else was I supposed to wake the zombie?"

Not much of an effort for today's prompt based on the above picture and purely the sense of smell. I hope my bloggerly friends have had more luck


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