Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The morning after the night before.

Today's writing prompt, from Leah via Caitlyn see here  on Pinterest. I'll try to stick to the ten minutes seeing as I have a date tonight!

*   *   *

Frankie was hot, sweat was trickling down her back as Alistair lead her from the dance floor. They had drunk some, watched the burlesque dancers that followed the singer. Frankie had been mesmerised by the poi flame throwers who entertained them after that. It was like they needed no fuel at all, like the flames came to their hands and mouths as if by mere thought, playing in to fantastical shapes to the rhythm of a deep bass. That bass line continued into the morning as they all danced and thrashed on the dance floor, giving themselves over to the beat.

Now he was taking her away from it, he was making her leave. She wasn't ready.

"You look cute when you pout you know" Alistair mocked.

"Hmph" Frankie replied as the hostess placed her shrug on her shoulders, she squirmed uncomfortably. It was too hot for that.

"Come on, you've had enough for one visit." Alistair said taking her hand and dragging her to the ornate arch that she hadn't noticed earlier. Rubies and garnets set into the crystal carved setting, Frankie had an inkling it was for more than just show.

The shimmering started as soon as they passed under the arch, world tilting movement and lingering alcohol in her system were not a good mix. Please don't let me throw up, please don't let me throw up, she thought.

Frankie knew the moment they were on the right side of the club's portal as soon as the cold morning air hit her. She sobered up in a split second and realised it was dawn, the first rays were starting to break through and dissipate the morning mist through the forest branches...


"Alistair, where are we?" Silence, "Alistair?" She turned but he had his phone to his ear. Frankie caught a snippet of his conversation.

"...I don't know Jones it's never spit me out here but then I stayed longer than usual last night. Just triangulate our position and collect us as soon as you can...Yes contact me as soon as you know an ETA." He clicked his phone off and returned it to his pocket, turning to smile at Frankie.

For Deb....excuse the chatting half way through, worth it though!


  1. Oooooh my gosh, don't you just love the sparks?! So pretty *happy sigh* Love your writing, love your story, are you going to keep going with this one? I like what's implied by the fact that he stayed longer than usual.

    Also, yay for dates! Hope it's loads of fun.

  2. What a fantastic portal to take you from a club to a forest!! I want to go!

  3. I think there is a story in this somewhere, I have no idea how it will pan out though.


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