Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Great week for books

With National Libraries Day on Saturday and Charles Dickens birthday today, what better time has there been to be a book nerd? It is officially cool :-)

We enjoyed a family trip to our local library on Saturday, our regular visit for the kids to get new books as my bookshelves can't cope with any new purchases!! It was a quiet affair, no fanfares, no fireworks, just the library and the books doing what they do best...providing the adventures of a life time all in one place! Sorry, can you tell I'm a fan? In the current climate libraries are more important than ever, there is always a way to enjoy books without it costing the earth! Carry on borrowing and keep the libraries open.

As for Dickens, apparently we share the same birthday, I didn't realise until today that I shared the day with such illustrious company. I do however have to confess that I haven't ever actually sat down and read a Dickens book. Sometimes I shock myself with how limited my literary range has been. This is all about to change, having received a Kobo for my birthday I fully intend to download some classics that I have previously overlooked and educate my self. I guess this will be the legacy of the Dickens 2012 events over the coming year. So here's to 200 years of one of the most celebrated authors England has produced. For more information on the upcoming events head over to http://www.dickens2012.org/ .

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