Tuesday, 28 February 2012

World Book Day

This is one of my favourite times of the literary year. A time when books are celebrated and there are book related events going on all over the place.

Children's books are the focus of much of the hype and so they should. A trend on twitter today was 'growing up I read' and some of the responses made me wish I had been more into reading as a child. There are books that I wish I had read growing up that are mounting up on my catch up list. Classics like Alice in Wonderland, Narnia and many more should be required reading, it seems I missed the boat and am doomed to have to paddle, or read, twice as fast as an adult! If just a few children every year get the reading bug at a young enough age then the campaign is a success!!

I can't wait for Thursday 1st March when both of my girls will be attending school / nursery dressed as their favourite book characters. My eldest, who has recently discovered the Potter series, will become Hermione Granger for the day and my youngest is insisting on being Alice in Wonderland for the day. Is it wrong to get so excited about dressing my kids up as two of my favourite characters?!? Oh well, I think I will embrace the philosophy of living vicariously thorough them and continue to foster the reading bug in them!

Who was your favourite character as a child? Are you doing anything for World Book Day?


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    1. I'm with you on wishing I'd gotten the book-bug earlier. I don't think I really liked it until middle school, despite all the "reading-is-cool" campaigns in elementary. It just wasn't, for me.

      But now I'm catching up too, and yet, I have to say as an adult I feel like I can get a lot more meaning out of the children/YA books that I wouldn't have had the experience yet to understand then? Or maybe I'm just trying to make a positive twist about something I have absolutely no control over :)

      Anyway, I think it's great you're excited your girls are dressing up, cause then they'll be even more excited. And good for you for encouraging them to read. All good.

    2. I know exactly what you mean, even some of the picture books I read to my youngest seem to mean more to me. Oliver Jeffers, Heart in a Bottle is one that springs to mind.


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