Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Note to Self...

"I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger" The Faces - Ooh La La.

This seems to be the theme following me round this week! Sorry Amanda Hocking you set the band waggon rolling and I am jumping on! If I could write a letter to my teenage self, what would it say?

'Hey you, it's you. All be it starting to wrinkle a little around the edges but I'm you so listen up for a while. If I have one piece of advice it would be to LIVE!!! Stop obsessing over over the man of your dreams, they don't exist!

Love will come along when it is good and ready and probably not in the package you expect it to. That's just life, you can't help who you fall in Love with or who falls in Love with you. If this elusive man ever does turn up chances are it will be bad timing any way, life isn't a scene from Practical Magic!! All the time you spend dreaming him up would be better spent living life, have fun with friends, enjoy music, read more. These are the things you will realise in later life you didn't spend enough time on.

Think things through before you jump in, or you will realise half way though you've made a mistake. Some things you can't undo and a missed opportunity at a decent degree is one of them!

PS Don't be in an all tearing hurry to grow up. This is another thing you can't undo and trust me when I say it's not so great. Live life while you have the chance to experience things before you realise you might never get a chance to!!'

I envy those who say they regret nothing and wish I could say the same. Don't misunderstand I have some beautiful things and people in my life and those are some of my better decisions. Other things could have played out better. The question is; would I have listened...probably not!

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