Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Getting Old

It happens to the best of us, or so they say!!! Why is it that when we are young we want to be older, more grown up...yet when we are 'grown up' all we want to do is be young again? It is one of the conundrums of life!!!

As middle age creeps up fast and my knees creak in and out of every Zumba class I can't help but reflect on my life so far and what I can look forward to. The worrying thing I have observed is there seems to be a distinct correlation between increasing age and increasing crankiness. Even more worrying is that I can see it starting already; a decreasing Patience with people and situations, more frequent bad moods and an irritating frustration with myself at things that would not have previously bothered me. Is this the point at which I have to stop thinking like a teenager and actually get old???

May be there is an alternative perspective to be had here. A more optimistic outlook on life? 'You are only as old as the man you feel'? However, since my husband is older than me I think I will ditch 'the man' and simply try to believe that 'you are only as old as you feel'. This will however require me to lighten up and 'feel' young at heart to stave off the impending doom that ageing seems to instill in me at the moment.

Luckily for me I have two little terrors that insist on making me play horsey or making me dance round the living room like an idiot with them. They let out the child in me! You can, therefore, spend time colouring in simple picture with wax crayons or get excited about seeing the Hogwarts express in person and it is all in aid of keeping the children happy?!? When in actual fact these things make the child in you happy too and therefore keep you young at heart.

So I am off to pull my self together, get excited about seemingly silly things and tomorrow after work and school we will dance around the living room without a care in the world. Why? Because I intended to stay young until I am no longer able.

How about you? How does getting older affect you? Do you dread the annual celebration of your birth or do you remain young at heart?

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