Tuesday, 15 May 2012

200 Tuesdays - Guilty Pleasures

The blog prompt for GBE 2 this week at Word Nerd is 'Guilty Pleasures' and this got me to thinking. I know a very dangerous past time, thinking, ha! I could seriously injure myself!!

When does a pleasure become guilty? Why do pleasures have to be guilty?

So I enjoy chocolate from time to time, why should I feel guilty if I indulge myself every now and then?

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Anyway, here are a couple of poems that kind of fit the description. Enjoy!

Guilty Pleasure

Every little thing reminds me of you
The bright summer sun and the sky so blue
Stormy grey clouds and the wind in the trees
Flutterby butterflies and the random bees
Songs on the radio or being caught in the rain
All get me to wondering when I'll see you again
My heart beat speeds and my gut's in a twist
As I drift off dreaming of your wonderful kiss
My hand in yours in search of treasure
You are my one true guilty pleasure.

And seeing as this is only 86 words here is another so that you don't feel short changed.

My Drug

Caffeine, nicotine, heroin, cocaine
Compared to you they are mundane
You are my drug my guilty habit
What ever I do I must have it
Hot and flustered you make me feel
Like I'm the only star on your reel
I wake and you are first on my mind
As sleep takes me you're last left behind
When you leave and don't say a word
You break my heart, you wound my world
Withdrawal hits hard, I am you whore
But like a fool I solicit more.

Ok, now I've shown you mine you show me yours!! Spill the beans, what are your guilty pleasures?


  1. Nice! Oh, and I agree that chocolate indulgences should be guilt-free. I tend to sample a little with some frequency (read: almost every day) and never feel even the teensiest bit guilty. :O)

    1. Gald you like it :-) Yay for frequent chocolate indulgance (another word to make it sound naughty, you can't get away from it!!)

  2. My guilty pleasures are stupid reality tv shows... too many to even start listing here.

    1. Ha, they are a little guilty aren't they. I used to avoid them all, but now there are one or two that have creeped into our family viewing. Sit back and enjoy I say!

  3. You say it exactly how it is. Love it. Both in your commentary as well as in your poems.

    1. Yay, I've missed you missy! Glad you approve :-)


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