Tuesday, 22 May 2012

200 Tuesdays - The White Lady

I may have gone over the word count a little today, so I will try not to waffle too much today. Except to say this short is based on one of the amazing features in my local park. Here is Harri, my eldest, in the dungeons.

The White Lady

Becs stood there frozen to the spot, the grey eyes piercing through to her soul. She could feel it, she was being judged. She was by no means pure and was sure hoping that wasn’t the criteria she would be considered on.
It seemed like a good idea at the time, juvenile but seriously what was the worst that could happen. It’s amazing what you will do when alcohol fuelled!
Twenty years ago they used to ‘hang out’ in this park. Mostly in the dungeons, which weren’t actually dungeons they used to be roman baths but dungeons sounded cooler. They sat there many nights telling stories of the White Lady who reportedly frequented the park and would appear before you if you repeated ‘White Lady’ three times in a row turning at the same time. Oh please! Becs didn’t believe it then and didn’t now.
How did she end up staring down the most famous ghost amongst her peers? A dare, yes seriously a dare! The reunion was imploding because of someone’s past indiscretions with his best mate’s girl and she sat there wondering if it was polite to leave after only half an hour. Just then Mark, Craig and Sarah spotted her from across the room. These were the people she spent most of her time with during high school and right up until she left for Africa.
‘Ya alright Becs?’ Mark said as he scooped her into a bear hug. ‘You up for ditching this joint?’
‘What did you have in mind?’ Came her reply
And thus they ended up in the dungeons with a bag of beer, all be it slightly better quality than historically, drinking and laughing as the old gang caught Becs up on what had gone on. Who had married who, who had kids, who had split. It didn’t take long for the conversation to come around to the things they used to get up to, particularly the fact that no one had had the guts to challenge the White Lady.
One ‘I dare you’ later and here she was staring her down. She was definitely beautiful, dressed in clothes from the early 1900’s that were torn to rags around one shoulder making it look like she had been attacked. Finally after what felt like a lifetime, but in reality it was mere seconds, she broke away and turned disappearing through a bricked up door way, leaving a chill in her wake.
Becs was alone, her friends long gone and the White Lady had returned to where ever she came, she felt a sense of calm. She had been judged and not found wanting. Becs would love to know what it was that the White Lady saw in her that she didn’t in herself!
Hope you enjoyed this!

Do you believe in ghosts?


  1. Oh nice. I love the catch in the ending that makes us wonder what the White Lady saw too.

    1. Hmmmm I'd quite like to know that too ;-)

  2. OOOOh got goose bumps from reading this, love it! I am sure we have done something like this in our youth, I do seem to remember being scared silly x x x You seem to know all the cool places I can't ever remember going in them when I was little but please could you take me on a little tour (now that I won't poop my pants) xxxx

    1. Glad you like ;-) And yes I have made enquiries to get the guided walks at my event to go right into the dungeons :-) safety in numbers!!!!

  3. Hey lady, how do I contact you? Do you have an email?

    1. I have e-mailed you ;-) because, unlike me, you are very organised and have a contact me pager!! Really must get onto that at some point!!


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