Tuesday, 1 May 2012

200 Tuesdays - Nessie

Week two of 200 Tuesdays and another little morsel of original writing for you to enjoy, hope you like it.

Peace, static, peace, static. Damn Nessie wished she could hold her breath forever. Life is so much simpler beneath the surface, calm, like the world was on pause. With each coil and stretch, with each stroke she relaxed a little, her resolve steeling for what was to come.
Nessie preferred the open water for swimming; lakes, rivers, oceans. Sometimes though the indoor pool just had to do, it was hard to find open water fit for swimming in the middle of the city. If she could just hold her breath, stay beneath the waves, she wouldn’t have to face what was coming.
Just one more length!
Sooner or later Nessie knew she would have to face her daemon, literally. If she was lucky she would be ready, it would be on her terms. If not who knew what her chances would be, the odds weren’t good. Her parents had trained her well, for this, the year she would come of age.
Since the angels left every sixteen year old had to face ‘their’ daemon before they hit adulthood. Her parents were lucky, their daemons were lower level, her sister was not so lucky and she was nowhere near prepared enough. Nessie would not make that mistake.
She had memorised all that the ancients had written about the creatures of the underworld, categorised by method of kill. She was physically at her peak and the best of her peers at hand to hand combat in all its forms. Only one person, her best friend, out ranked her in sword play but he helped her train so she wasn’t far off the mark.
There were rumours that the underworld was not going to make it easy this season. Rumours that something darker than ever was coming. Nessie had a feeling it would be coming for her.
Just one more length!

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Magic Moment
Today I glimpsed behind the magicians curtain. I saw the magic and I want in!! *sorry if that is a little cryptic, I promise I will clarify soon*


  1. Love it. I want to read more.

  2. I wish there was more to give you. Maybe I will revisit it at some point!

  3. You are so great with words. Seriously. In only 200 words you got in so much characterization, back story, and you make us ask some important questions about Nessie and what may or may not be going on with her and the people she knows...these questions make us want to know more. 200 words, chicka, you've got us invested. Hooked.


    1. :-) Just wish I had the answers to these questions!!


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