Tuesday, 12 June 2012

200 Tuesday - 1000 page views

You can't imagine the size of the smile on my face right now, all because I when I switched on my computer up popped my blogger page and I was at 1000 page views exactly.

When I first started blogging I didn't think anyone would be in the slightest bit interested in my ramblings but here I am, still blogging and up to 1000 views. Ok so I know this isn't really that big a deal but it has made my day today. I almost feel that I should have written something special for this post but I am just too tired to come up with anything new tonight, a notebook special it will have to be!! (who knew working with books could be soooo tiring, I hope I get used to this soon, what is the use of having books at you fingertips if you can't stay awake to read them???)

This poem was inspired by a photo taken by...yeah you guessed it; Lee Johnson. Check it out here. It's strange how some images just lead to words forming in your head, that is what happened here, a poem with no links to real life from a photo where only a third is real.

The Cafe

Alone I sit two biscuits on the plate
Wondering what we'll discuss on our date
For such a long time I have been blue
Waiting to meet at our secret rendezvous

I hear the bell over the door, but dare not look up
A hand over mine wrapped around my cup
I look up to see the warmth of your smile
And wonder why I worried all the while

The smile in your eyes projects to my face
As you pull me into your warm embrace
We talk a while about music and art
Until the streets begin to get dark

Alas we must say goodbye to our cafe
I treasure these times, always happy
From within your arms I whisper 'miss you'
Counting the moments to our secret rendezvous.

PS Thanks to everyone who has stopped my to read what I write, you make me smile!!


  1. Very nice. It reminded me of Michael Buble's song, "Me and Mrs. Jones".
    Congrats on the 1000 views. That's a milestone worth celebrating!

    1. I love that I now have a picture, a poem and a song so beautifully linked and associated with each other, each person who contributed having a different perspective :-D

      And thanks for being a regular visitor who always leaves such lovely comments, it means a lot!

  2. Yes...I concur with Jewels! I loved the poem! Thank you for sharing!

    1. And thank you for visiting. I will be back over to you blog shortly to 'follow' you have a beautiful way with words yourself!!

  3. Yay for 1000 views! Very exciting, for sure. I love that you opened your blogger page at exactly 1000. Magical, no?

    Your poem is lovely too -- I think it's amazing that the story flows so well, you don't even notice the rhyme. Or the undercurrent of rhythm adds umph to the little story. Or something else that I can't really put my finger on. But it's certainly magical too, no?

    1. All very magical, made more so by a visit from you! Missing you in our little blogging corner, hope you are ok!

      I am glad you like the poem, it kind of wrote it's self! Let me know if you ever put your finger on it, I always wondered what things look like after you have been struggling to find them to put your finger on them ;-)


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