Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Oops nearly forgot!!

I have many excuses for nearly forgetting to post today; We have had not one but two bank holidays this weekend and tomorrow is therefore my Monday! I have been off the grid ish for the last couple of days and just spent the last hour or so trying to catch up on all the lovely blogs I follow (failing miserably might I add).

Any way technically I am still in Tuesday, just and seeing as it is my first day in my new job tomorrow I am going to cheat just a little because I really ought to be in bed already, making sure I am well rested (although I could just get them used to how things are going to be?!?!?).

Here is a poem I posted way back when I started blogging.


You ask what lies within these pages

“Memories from across the ages?”

You don’t know why I hesitate

For once you see it will be too late

Here I lay my soul to bear

Not sure that you’ll even care

Please don’t laugh at my expense

Some are not past or present tense

Try to see them for what they are

Messages from my wonderland so far...
How do you feel about posting your writing? Do you worry that the people who read it will get the wrong idea about you? Or worse, see straight through it to what you were thinking when you wrote it?


  1. I think it's a fear we all have .. (: But it's a good fear isn't it?

    Good luck tomorrow, Sleepy Joe!

    1. A fear I am learning to get over....slowly!!


  2. Good luck on your new job, hope it has been a good day so far! I definitely have that fear as well. My feelings and thoughts I will (mostly) share. My serious writing...well, I'm not ready for that yet

    1. If your writing is as thought provoking and interesting as your blog your should definately share at some point!!

      And thanks, it has certainly been a different day!

  3. Sometimes I think people will read certain things I write and think that whatever state of mind I was in (angry, frustrated, depressed, pessimistic) is my state of mind all the time.
    I get pep-talk type e-mails from friends who read my blog and think I'm depressed, or down on myself for not being a perfect mom because of something I wrote. It's okay to be both happy and sad. And to write about both.

    1. It is certainly fine to be both happy and sad, a nice balance is key to a happy life (or so I've heard!)

      I tend to come unstuck when I write about something I have felt during the week or recently and then write about at a later date because it has been playing on my mind!!

      Here's to a balanced life ;-)

  4. Great question. I think I hope people will get what I'm saying, see and feel what I'm saying, and then forgive me for the stuff they disagree with. What's worse for me is when it seems people are not getting what I'm saying and then not forgiving me for what I haven't really said in the first place. If that makes sense :)

    Love your poem, as always. I love that you use the word "messages" because it adds that extra feel of distance and adventure. I think "message in a bottle" but you're not asking for help; you're asking that we listen. And I love to listen to your stories.

    1. You always make sense to me hun!!

      I love that you always see something in my writing that I hadn't realised before. The idea of a message in a bottle is great, big smiles :-D

  5. I've always wanted my writing to be read and I think blogging has been a great way to do that. It seems sort of safe. I get comments and such, but it isn't the same as having to face your readers. I can hide behind my computer and even hit the delete button if I want. (Tho, I haven't, yet.)
    Love the poem. You're very talented.

    1. You are braver than me! I spend a lot of time doubting what I have written is good enough to share and the rest worrying someone will get the wrong idea. I need to drop these thoughts at some point. Lovely comments like yours are helping me to do just that, thanks!

  6. I'm so glad to know I am not the only one lagging behind in reading!

    Yes, occasionally I wonder what people might think of me - how their opinion of me might change - by something I post to the blog. But then I remember it's me, my life, my blog! If someone doesn't like me, they don't have to read. I'm the only one who actually has to like me. I'm good with that :).

    1. It's ok, I caught up and now I'm behind again!!

      Liking myself, that could be a novel concept. Although I am a lot closer than I have ever been before!! This blog is helping me discover more of me. What a great attitude to have Jane, thanks!


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