Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Remember the reader appreciation award I got and passed on. Apparently the questions bounce back like a rubber ball. Deb over at Kicking Corners has set a new raft of questions which I have now got to answer, just because I read her post. She is such a rule breaker, but I love these posts and I love her to bit so I am being a good girl and answering them dutifully ;-)

Here goes:

1. French Fries or French Toast?
Hmm, fries.

2. What are your thoughts about ‘Time’?
There is too little of it, in a day or in a life. There is never enough time to achieve everything you want to!

3. Have you ever been motion sick?
Yes, mostly with my Mum's driving ;-)

4. Would you ever get a tattoo and if so, where would you put it?
I have one that was meant to only last 5 years (I got it 10 years ago!) I would love another one of the Celtic knot I had on my wedding dress right across the bottom of my back, however my first experience taught me that I don't scar well so it probably wouldn't be a good idea :-(

5. Do you read magazines while standing in line at the grocery store and if so, which ones?
No, the occasional newspaper headline catches my eye.

6. What are five things you keep in the drawer closest to where you’re sitting right now?
There isn't a drawer next to where I am sat and the only drawer I sit next to is by my bed so I will tell you what is in there: Photo's of my Dad, spare glasses (little munchkin went through a phase of breaking them!), paracetamol (a must with kids!), nail file, an old journal that I wrote in so infrequently I gave up (it does however have a list of ambitions in the back that I like to look at every now and then!)

7. Have you ever sent/received a message in a bottle?
No, but that sounds really fun I might have to do that on my next trip to the sea, let me know if you find it ;-)

8. It’s funny to skip questions – do you agree or disagree?
Skipping this one ;-)

10. When is it appropriate to bite someone?
When it is a full moon and I change into a wolf. But only if I am really hungry ;-)
Thanks Deb for a welcome distraction tonight, but I am curious how you would answer your own questions (oh this could go on forever *wicked laugh* - practising for Halloween).
Speaking of Halloween, we will be missing our annual trick or treat session so fill my need for the spooky, what are you up to on All Hallows Eve??


  1. Love all your answers. So fun, huh? Let me see what I can do about answering them, but of course you'd have to answer your own too :)

    We are planning on doing a trunk-or-treat this Saturday, but on the actual All Hollow's Eve? Probably staying at home to stuff our faces with candy. I mean, to pass out candy. And watching spooky movies? Not sure.

    1. Touche ;-)

      I will go back to my questions :-) Like I said this could go on forever ;-)

      Trunk-or-treat.....I am intrigued now!! Spooky movies and sweeties, sounds like a plan!!

  2. Hahaha! Loved number eight. Curious about number seven .. how do you do that? Do you go out into the sea and throw it in out there? Because if we're too close to shore it'll just land up on that same beach wouldn't it? Sorry .. I have silly thoughts...

    1. Hmmm, after the week I have had I completely forgot I had answered this question and now we are near the sea :-) and I'm glad you made me think of these things. Also, glass or plastic bottle? Glass bottle is certainly more romantice but surely it would get smashed??? Decisions, decisions!!

  3. Oooo your tattoo experience sounds rather nasty :( I have two tattoo's (no regrets either!), neither hurt, both healed without issue. Did you have to apply Bepanthen as aftercare cream?

    Yes folks...I applied nappy rash cream to my tattoos! Apparently if you use Savlon it draws out the ink during healing, Bepanthen though is actually really good at aiding the healing process.

    Random knowledge I'm not sure I'll ever use again but hey ho!

    1. It was fine, I just ended up with a slightly lumpy panda that apparently has gotten a little attached to being with me.

      I also love it when the girls come and tickle him (great excuse for someone to tickle my back ;-)

      Thanks for the random knowledge, may come in handy if I ever decide to go for the big one!!

  4. Love you to bits hun and have had a very interesting read catching up with the past few weeks. Will now answer the reader apprechiation questions am I also meant to nominate too?????

  5. back at you hun - a big reader appreciation award : )

  6. I will be passing out candy, while my older kids take the younger ones trick-or-treating. I love that I don't have to go out with them anymore. We're supposed to have lovely weather, for once. My husband despises Halloween, so do very little in the way of celebrating it.
    I bit my sister once. I was joking around, but accidentally bit really hard and left a bruise. She didn't think it was funny.

    1. I love passing out the sweets but I am still at the stage of going out and about. Our neighbours are great they make a huge effort to make the kids jump when they open the door!


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