Wednesday, 31 October 2012

My week.....

Wow, life has been eventful this last week. A day and a half hanging around a hospital wondering if I would be aloud to go on holiday. Some pretty fast packing completed by the other half, who went into protective overdrive...I am shocked I was allowed to lift my own fingers!! Then finally we were off.

After a fairly long drive we arrived at Beadnell, Northumberland. Our little cottage for the week is so magical, we arrived to fairy lights and yummy treats set out for our arrival. Upon investigation there were books in every room of all descriptions...I am officially in heaven.

Just a small selection (some shelves are double stacked!!)

Sunset from our bedroom window

Our pumpkins from Alnwick Castle - Happy Halloween
I love this time of year, when you can go to the beach for a walk even though it is cold and windy but still come back to the cottage and light the fire. Curling up and playing board games with my girls whilst warming up....I just wish I wasn't the murderer every time we played Cluedo!!

Anyway, while I have been relaxing the questions are continuing, if you have missed my recent posts you can catch up here and here. These ones are from Wendy at Sockamabobs, pop over and take a look at her wonderful creations and as always let her know you have been by with a bit of commenty love ;-) So here goes for a little more of me.....are you getting bored of me yet??

1. What book have you read recently that you would recommend to others?

Oh where to start?? You all already know I love and would recommend Paulo Coelho's Brida but more recently I have read the latest from Lauren Kate - Rapture part of the Fallen series and would recommend that too if you like a little bit of tortured angels ;-)

2. What is your favourite pudding and why?
Just one, why only just one??? I love puddings, I have yet to find one I dislike! Ice cream (Ben and Jerry's) is my favourite comfort pud. Syrup sponge pudding and custard is the one I turn to on a cold day. Poached pears and ice cream is one I love at Christmas. I could go on forever!! My most surprising discovery recently was that I like pistachio ice cream and turkish delight ice cream....yum!

3. One reason you like cleaning?
Anyone that knows me knows I hate cleaning (and I don't use that word lightly, see here), however I do love the feeling when it is all done and you sit down in a lovely clean house with the candles on and relax in front of a film :-)

4. Where was the last place you went on holiday?
I'm on holiday in Northumberland and will definitely be coming back again....Love it :-)

5. What was the name of your first pet?
Fish, I am soooo imaginative!!

6. What is the best thing you have ever handmade?
I crotcheted a matching hat and blanket whilst in labour with the littlest munchkin, the hat is soo cute with three pom poms on the top :-)

7. Do you own anything vintage and if so what is it?
I don't think I do :-( I love all things vintage but can rarely afford the things I see, instead I have a lot of vintage looking thinks!

8. What is your favourite Disney film of all time?
This is a really tough one, I love so many of them! My favourite at the moment (and this changes on a daily basis) is Tangled but I have yet to watch Brave I like my ladies to have a bit about them so Disney films are great. However I do love Monsters Inc and can't wait for the new one to come out!

9. What would you have in your ideal garden?
Everything! An orchard, a lake (with waterlilies), a kitchen garden, a sensory area, a play garden for the girls, a Japanese zen area including japanese maples, a pod to sit outside and write in (but stay warm and dry), a driveway lined with cherry blossom trees and a Narnia style lamp near my hobbit style front door. Oh and a hunky gardener to tend it all ;-) Not much really!

10. I am moving house soon what tip would you give me?
Get help! (I'm available if you need me)
Ok, so I am off to enjoy my breakfast and have a relaxing day before we go and listen to spooky stories at the biggest second hand book store I have ever seen, Barter Books. Happy Halloween, hope you all have a spooky time.
PS I am glad to know my family has come out of the storm unscathed, hoping the same is true of all my friends over on the east coast. Stay safe everyone, my thoughts are with you!!


  1. My first pets name was Big Cat. He was pretty big, compared to my small self! Enjoy your holiday! Sounds wonderful.

    1. Sometimes the only name to give something is 'big....' I had a teddy when I was a baby and it was twice the size of me when I remember it, never mind when I got it, and was always known as Big Ted ;-)

      On the flip side I also had a little ted ;-)

  2. For some reason I always want to be the murderer in Cluedo... :D The last time I played it I was...all my Cluedo dreams came true!

    The cottage looks you need to get some well deserved rest! :)

    1. Unfortunately my rest is nearly over :-( I will miss this place and not likel to be able to afford a return visit any time soon!

      Is it really bad that I am really good at working out who the murderer is too?? Do you think it says something about me???

  3. All those books and a beach!! What a great time!

    Hope you are recovering and resting up!

    1. Beach, books and log burning stove....everything a holiday in autumn needs!!

      Resting? Trying to with two kids around!! I am getting there, just wish I had another week, back to work Monday :-/

  4. What a fabulous place to stay. Enjoy!
    I love pistachio ice cream. And, I agree, the only good thing about cleaning is how it looks afterward.

    1. It has been wonderful!!

      I can't believe I have avoided it all this time, why did no-one say how good pitachio ice cream was?!?!?

      Cleaning, bah!!

  5. Oh, yes, books and the beach and burning fires. Fabulous! And I'm totally with you on number four. I would probably be much better off if I were one of those women who "loves" cleaning or even gets some sense of accomplishment out of it, but I am soooo not. I do love the end results, but I would just as soon someone else achieved them. ;)


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