Friday, 15 March 2013


I avoided switching on my laptop last night to type today's post in advance and I have been avoiding this empty page all afternoon!!

It isn't that I have no ideas, my ideas are just like little seedlings in a greenhouse; some dozy gardener forgot to come water and feed them! They haven't grown up to be big and strong. And they certainly aren't bearing any fruit!

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How do I kick my lazy ass out of this duvet that I have crawled under? How do I avoid all the interesting things that distract me when I am tucked up warm and cosy? How do I pluck up the motivation to tend my little baby ideas?

I know, I will give myself even more to do. I seem to work well under pressure so here goes!

Challenge time! Who's with me?

Slight deviation from fairy tales....myths! Or legends, I'm not really picky. The rules are simple; find one, favourite or random it doesn't matter, tell me in the comments which one you have picked. Then you have 300 words to re-write it, twist it, tell us what happens next, any or all of the above. Or hell for those who are more artistically minded give us the photographic or pictorial version! Post it and link back here ready for next week.

Lets hope inspiration strikes for my chosen myth....Cupid

Good luck and may the gods be ever with you.

So to leave you some cupid related tunes (because we couldn't find a clear we I mean me and my Facebook / Twitter friends!)

And yes just an excuse to include some 30 Seconds to Mars


  1. I'm so out of it. Dumb. Running behind, I so want to do this. I'm not sure which myth I want to choose, but I'll post something this Tuesday. Thanks for the challenge...I needed this.


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