Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Proud Mummy Moment

Yesterday munchkin number 1 was on telly.

A little background; My eldest plays for a local girls football team (soccer to my stateside readers) Burnley Girls and Ladies. They are affiliated with the male professional team Burnley FC; who Dad has supported since he was knee high to a grasshopper! So when the professional team asked if the girls would like to play on 'The Turf' (the stadium's name) during the half time break, of course the answer was 'Hell Yeah!' When they came and asked if some of the girls would like to be player escorts, there were some very excited young ladies (Mum's and Dad's too but shhhh!). All this for a game that was going to be televised.

So it comes to the night of the game and it was snowing....in March snow and below zero temperatures....never the less in their shorts the girls were professional and cute and had huge smiles on their faces. Munchkins team even won their mini half time match! I am only a little gutted that me and munchkin 2 had to stay at home and only caught fleeting glances of the girls, I mean seriously it looked freezing. But I am so proud of all the girls from the club. It's just a shame the professional team didn't win.

Yes I was so stupidly proud that I paused the telly and took a photo!

And yes Burnley is cool enough to play Foo Fighters before the players come onto the pitch.

I'm not a football fan.....honest....ok maybe just a little....sometimes.....


  1. YOUR KIDS ARE FAMOUS!!!!!! How awesome would that be to hobknob with professional athletes! I would swoon, I'm sure, because soccer (can't break the habit) players are, on the whole, yummy. :-)

    1. I know, right! I personally prefer rugby players but honestly not that fussy!!!

      Still a tear or two shed over how at ease she was with it all!!

      So Proud!

  2. Awwww. I love it. My second oldest was accidentally on TV during his senior class trip to New York City. There was a Mariah Carey performance on Good Morning America and because their class advisor knows people at ABC news Son-Two's class was front row and was on-camera quite a bit. That wasn't even for an achievement and neither one of us even LIKE Mariah Carey (in fact, several of the shots caught Son-Two rolling his eyes at her ridiculous performance) and I STILL kept that recording in my DVR for a ridiculously long time. :)

    1. Rolling his eyes...love it...let me shake that boys hand!!!!


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