Thursday, 14 March 2013

When worlds collide

*Randomness Warning - Babbling of a puddled mind contained in this post*

So I have been wandering today, off the beaten track and regular readers will know this means trouble for my mind!

I ended up sat under a favourite oak tree of mine in my local park, doing my best to try and write. However the only thing I could come up with was a rambling few lines of a poem I have re-written six times in the last few weeks! I ended up thinking about the last month and half, analysing things to see if I could pin point when my writing started to clam up.....That is when my mind wandered!

I wondered if I am the only one who sees my life as different worlds; work, family, friends, writing etc.. Rarely do these worlds mingle completely, occasionally the edges blur but in the main they remain separate. Don't get me wrong, this isn't by design it just kinda happens.

Sometimes though these worlds collide with such force that the collision shatters one, if not both worlds. If you are really lucky one world survives just with a few extra valleys and mountains to navigate. What is never evident in the immediate aftermath of such an internal apocalypse are the fractures created within.  Those small cracks can soon turn into huge chasms. How do you survive in your remaining worlds without being sucked into the darkness within?

There are shards of a broken world floating in the aether but there is no Bastion to save Fantasia this time, there is no saving this world. Maybe it is time I focus on limiting the damage the collision caused within.

Wow, that's depressing. Ever think of a topic for a post and it seems like a great idea at the time, but when you actually tap it out it has suddenly ripped something dark and depressing out of you? Something that you knew existed if you were honest but you hadn't meant for it to all spill onto your post. However with no time left to change it the only option is to hit the publish button and hope y'all can see the random way my brain copes with things.

Happy Random Thursday ;-) What random deep thoughts have you been thinking lately?

Just to lighten the mood ;-)


  1. So many thoughts.. And, unfortunately, my brain keeps trying to format them into some academic form. Mostly though, "Can't wait 'til summer" has been flashing in my mind.. Not very deep.. but very anticipated! :)

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. At the moment I would just settle for spring!!

  2. Hope your wandering mind is in a better state by now. I can identify with the compartmentalizing thing to some extent--I think we all can.

    1. My wandering mind has found it's way back to a path, twisting and still wandering but a worn path at least ;-)


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