Friday, 22 March 2013

There's a New Lover in Town


Applicants must believe in love in all its guises and be its advocate to people from all walks of life. The ideal candidate will have a great eye for body language and experience of archery, although desirable it is not essential as all necessary training will be provided. Flexibility and commitment are essential in this role. Excellent retirement package available.
To apply wish on your nearest star.

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Alan had been doing this job too long, it was time for some new blood. His aim was wonky, and he had got to the point where he didn’t care if the arrow missed. The powers hadn’t been happy for a while, he hadn’t been hitting his targets in terms of happily married couples and to top it all off the divorce rates were going through the roof. The inference was that society was spiraling out of control and it was all because his bad eye was throwing his aim off. Or was it?

The sun was setting over the ocean; the pinks and salmons of the sky were dancing on the waves. Couples were walking hand in hand yet no arrows were being shot, no love was being fostered as the moonlight crept closer. Why? Because of one distraction; there on the deck of her beach house, where she sat every night, mug in one hand book in the other, until the moonlight wasn’t sufficient to light the words.

He could sit and watch her for hours; the way the dying light would shine off her red hair and make her skin seem almost luminescent in its paleness. Sometimes he would catch a smile tickle at the corners of her full lips or a stray tear escape from the corner of her green eyes. Though green didn’t quite cover the complexity of the jewels that glistened and shone, like diamonds set in a beautiful piece of jewellery; the hazel flecks adding complexity and wonder that could captivate even the most closed of hearts.

The advert went out today and there had already been a couple of interested parties. Interviews were tomorrow and training would be complete by weekend, then his life would begin, with her.

“So where do I apply then?” came a voice from behind.

“I’m sure the ad said on a star” grumbled Alan.

“Yeah, from a modern age gramps don’t really trust the stars to get my message there on time.”

“Really? So what makes you think you are the best for this job with such a disregard for the ancient traditions?”

“I never said I don’t dig the old stuff. I just won’t leave things to chance.”

“Well I’ll take that into consideration blondie. But for now toddle off and leave me be. I’ll be in touch if I think you can handle the role.”

“Oh I can handle the role.”

At this Alan broke away from his vigil, “GO AWAY. Can I make myself any clearer? I am busy and I will contact you tomorrow!”

So that was my take on Cupid. If you took up the challenge from last week feel free to post your link in the comments. I'd love to see your take on a myth of your choice.


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