Thursday, 6 March 2014


You know sometimes I think I'd rather fight this

Or even

Than face some of my own inner demons!!

I try most days to face them, as I'm sure most of us do, but lately I find myself escaping into various fantasy worlds. Absorbing the words of other authors, book after book every spare moment just to escape. Avoid the housework, sidestep those nagging demons that weigh inside.

Today was a day I set out to face them, and I failed miserably again. I gave one particularly ugly looking and abusive demon a sideways glance but then ran in the opposite direction. His weaker brother I managed to face. I kicked him in the goolies and even though he distracted me from the sidelines a blog post was written, not as eloquently as I would have liked but a seemingly insurmountable hurdle at one point was overcome. I wonder though how long it will be before he is back to full strength?

One demon though shocked me with the ferocity of it's attack. A once caged and bound beast that broke free of its bonds to strike today, knocking me flat and pinning me to the floor. The only problem being, this demon is one I really don't mind pinning me to the floor even though I know in my heart of hearts its truly no good for me.

I need to remember the days when I dreamt of being a Slayer, defeating the things that haunted me. Back then things were simple, back then I wasn't fighting myself!

How do you fight your inner demons? Can you ever free yourself of them or does another rise as fast as you cut one down?


  1. So well said, in all regards. Isn't it strange that we can love our demons? I don't know what to do with that sometimes. Most of the time.

    I'm so glad you're back -- thanks for overcoming whatever demon you had to, to get this post out. It gives me courage to fight my own stuff too.

    How do I fight my own? Dark chocolate. Let's not talk about how that's a demon too ;)

    1. Funny chocolate is how I fought though to get this post to you, though I prefer milk ;-) And huh, yup demon too!

      Seriously thanks for liking my words and finding them in any way encouraging, that helps fight them too. But then you always do!


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