Wednesday, 12 March 2014

"To live will be an awfully big adventure" JM Barrie

Ok we all have these inner demons. And fighting is them is bloomin exhausting! So why the heck do we do it? Why keep fighting? Why not just roll over and let them win? I mean for me the worst it would mean is going to work (at at job I love, 99% of the time), coming home and chilling with a book or the tv, spending some time with my kids and maybe getting some time to do the housework. How is that scenario so bad?

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It really isn't, however if I fight my demons for just one moment, if I decide to live that big adventure then life can be like this...

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In those glimpses when you conquer a demon, even temporarily, life can feel infinite!

That's why I keep fighting. For that leap in my heart when I finish a story, good or not its complete and it came from me. Right now my heart is leaping, so here's to a completed story and here's to feeling infinite.

Here is my song to feel infinite to today. It was glorious driving with the windows down today, the sun was shining and this song was perfect. I defy you not to want to dance around the room to this song. But what is your song to feel infinite to?


  1. Yay for completion! Yay for dreams lived! Yay for letting us live them with you! This song says it all. Yum.

    1. Its a life lived on a roller-coaster but hey as long as there are some ups where we get to feel like this :-) And living it with you guys is what makes it worth it!


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