Tuesday, 31 January 2012

One Day, One Week

Seeing as there have been no new poems recently and progress on my current works is also excruciatingly slow I thought I would just babble on for a while about what my life is putting me through at the moment!

Electrical problems, followed by puddles in the kitchen and children setting my washing to go at 60 degrees (including dedicates!) just about sums up the household side of things at the moment, enough said!

The weekend was stressful yet productive. We have a family wedding coming up in May, with our girls being two out of the four flower girls. Our Saturday was spent shopping for their dresses, which they look beautiful in by the way. As a bonus I managed to find a fabulous dress for me in the sale; down from £180 to £48. Needless to say, happy me by the end of the day! Now all I need to do is sort out accessories, hair etc...

The week at work so far can be summed up in one phrase 'be careful what you wish for'. Keep asking for more and eventually you will get it, but why does the extra work always land when you are oddly busy???

All of this peppered with David Nicholls One Day, a break away from my usual fantasy genre, however I must say a very enjoyable read so far! I don't know if it is the humorous way it is written or the way the author confidently tells the story from two points of view or if it is the fact I can identify with the female protagonist so easily, that is making it such a compelling read. Either way I can't wait for the next instalment, so I am off to curl up with my favourite book, just like Charlie Cook (sorry couldn't resist the Julia Donaldson reference!).

What is life throwing at you? What are you curling up to read?

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  1. Reading for me seems to have gone out the window - all I seem to be doing is getting the library books, renewing them for what feels like the hundredth time and then taking them back without even opening the book - it's actually very sad :( My crafts and family life just seem to eat up all of my time - maybe I need audio books and then I can do 2 things at one but then the magic is gone x Chin up I'm sure things will get sorted!


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