Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Unfortunately not the hot and steamy ones about the cute guy that you see at work every day, sorry! I'm talking about the dreams you have about your life, your ambitions.

I used to think that our dreams and ambitions in life were something we had to decide on early and then they were fixed. Some kind of covenant carved in stone and if you didn't achieve said ambition you had failed in life. Oh and there was only one dream per person.


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If this were true, I failed in life a long time ago when I didn't see through the childhood dream of becoming a hairdresser, no paramedic, no nurse, or maybe teacher... These were just childish dreams, the real fun starts when you set a career goal, your ambition for life. Does it include marriage, a family? What happens though when you can't see this dream through or if in the course of driving towards your intended destination you realise you're not sure this is where you are supposed to be heading in life? Have you failed?

When I left University my dreams had crumbled around me for various reasons and to date I still haven't set myself a master plan for life. Don't get me wrong, I have lived to see some of my dreams come to fruition; marrying the man I love and having children of my own, but is this enough? For!

So what do I want from life? What do I dream of being when I grow up? I'm still not sure on this one and I wonder sometimes if I would achieve more in life if I had a goal to aim for. Or does that put too much pressure in me and result in that nagging feeling of failure!

I envy people who dream a dream as a child and live it as an adult; the best selling novelist who knew they were going to write as a child, the child that dreamed of being a fireman and ended up saving his friends from a fire. Are you living your childhood dream? Or has your dream changed shape a few times along the way?

Recently I discovered a great new blog The Written Word and whilst taking everything in on this site I discovered this quote.

At least this means I am not too old to wing it a little longer, just to see what happens. You never know what magic moment may be around the corner and I don't want to miss any.


  1. Beautiful. Pang in my heart and all that. I absolutely love the quote, and then your last paragraph -- you just say it exactly right.

    Thank you.

    1. Ah, and there's me aiming for cute and funny lol. Glad you liked it!

  2. This is totally where I am! Unfortunately, so many of the people around me have such concrete dreams that they don't seem to understand how I can still not know the direction I want to go.

    I hope it is true that we are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream... if only I can remember or focus the dreams...

  3. Thanks for the letting me know I am not the only one drifitng in the wind a little! Keep me posted on if you find that goal to focus our energies, or even if it sneaks up on you when you weren't looking and you realise you are actually already living it.


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