Friday, 16 March 2012

No Baddie is not 'Oh Goodie'

OK, so I decide that Guin isn't finished with me yet and she has a story to be told...great, what now?!?

I have spent the week out lining what happens to Guin and they way her story develops, but now I am stuck!! I have no baddie! Why is it that the protagonist always  comes easily to me yet when I try to develop bad guy in the plot I come up short. I can vaguely work out what their motivation is but to get any further I need to put a face to the character.

Any tips on how to channel my dark side?

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There my mini moan is over. On a different note; I have been thinking of changing the look of my blog. What do you think? Should it stay as it is or should we have a change of colour?


  1. You can always change up the look, and then if you decide you don't like it you can change it back?

    As for the dark-side thing. I (re)learned in a writing conference today that the villain is really just misunderstood, because naturally he or she would be the hero of their own story, struggling to make things fall together however they want/need.

    Your villain needs to be just a strong as your protagonist. They should be just as complicated, with good and bad traits both.

    She (Jennifer Neilsen) says it better: "Poorly defined characters will kill a good story. Your main character must have easily defined A) goals; B) strengths; and C) weaknesses. A flawless character is boring and gives you nowhere to go in the story. Use a character chart to help develop these." So that's for both your hero and your villain.

    I'm not sure that helps, but I hope so :)

  2. I hadn't thought about it that way, thanks for the different perspective. Certainly something to think about, Thanks!


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