Monday, 5 March 2012

Where did the week go?

I just don't seem to have had time to blog at all for the last few days. Between planning an impromptu trip to London and spending time writing following an inspirational trip to a local iron age hill fort, oh and the general day to day family schedule, there has been little time for anything else.

I am really looking forward to having a day to my self in the big smoke. Planned in are; a couple of art museums, an independent bookshop and a frozen yogurt bar (just to see if it is the same as I remember from America). It may seem strange to pack off my kids mid week to their Grandparents just to indulge my passions, but what the hell, I have a days leave that must be taken this week so why not use it to re-charge my cultural batteries! I will fill you all in on my adventure later in the week.

The other project occupying my brain space and time at the moment is a new character. She sprang up out of nowhere following a visit to a local iron age hill fort. Something I have to say I must have driven past hundreds of times assuming it was just another lump of grass with sheep. It was not until I visited it with a very knowledgeable tour guide that I realised it's significance to the area. He pointed out the sites of the settlement's huts (circular ditches to you and me), the perimeter fence (sorry that one was lost on me) and what would have been the paths into the settlement, all of which I would have walked past had I been on my own! By the time I got home Guinevere had materialised in my mind. I couldn't wait to get the kids and husband to bed in order to get some peace and quiet to write. Early the next morning, as I crawled into bed to warm my now very cold feet on the mobile hot water bottle otherwise known as my husband, I felt a great sense of accomplishment at the first short I have ever written. There have been various ideas in the past, numerous characters living in my mind and even a few pages written, however none had ever flowed properly or sounded right. This I am proud of, now I am just faced with the internal fight; Do I put this out there? Do I risk other people thinking that it is juvenile and not worthy? Then; do I post it on here if there is a chance that it may turn out to be more than a short? Or do I keep it to myself for the time being and wait and see what develops?

What do you think? Should we have the courage to put things out there? Or are there some things we write that should remain ours, just for a little while at least?


  1. There's no right answer to this question, I think. What does your gut tell you?

    That being said, for sure put it out there and see what people think. Get suggestions on it, see if people want to know what happens next. More importantly, figure out if YOU want to know what happens next...

    Honestly, just your description of how she popped into your head is interesting. Ha! You've hooked at least one reader (*points to self*)

  2. Hey chick, not sure on that one! I want to say get it out there but one the otherhand do you keep it to yourself for a bit? What I can say is get it sent over to me asap! I have not had chance to read for a while with all the crafting but a short would suit me just fine at the mo. Just from reading your blog I'm already excited to read it and see what happens x Hope you have a fab time in the big smoke just wish that I could have come to but that's definitely something we should organise for the future! x x x

  3. Thanks guys, I will type it up and post it as soon as I can for your comments. On a happy note after my trip I have lots of ideas and don't think Guinevere has finished with me yet! But for now the Big Smoke has exhusted me and I am glad to be back in the sticks to re-charge ;-)


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