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Would you believe I have been nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award. It's ok, I'll give you a moment to recover (it took me longer than a moment!!!).

It is a huge honor that a fellow blogger, and writer, views my random musings as worthy of following to start with, but o also nominate me for an award, wow. I am incredibly grateful to Deb Stevens for her support and encouragement as I start my writing adventure, (yes I am still new enough to this writing thingy to see it as a wonderful adventure, please tell me this doesn't wear off!). Her blog is definitely worth a look, beware you may find it addictive!! It is full of magic moments, honest experiences with writing and a fantastically modern takes on fairy tales. She always gives me something to think about whilst managing to cheer me up every time I read her blog. Here's something just for you Deb, thank you!

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Now apparently there are some rules to being nominated / receiving this award; firstly I get to share the love and nominate up to 15 blogs my self. Then secondly I have to reveal 7 things about myself. So here goes...
The blogs I love to follow are as follows (in no particular order!):
I love this blog for all things crafty and generally living life as a family. The things this girl makes are truly fabulous and gorgeous!
For beautiful photographs, occasional tips and a lot of inspiration. Sneak a peak I am sure you will love his work as much as I do!!

Amanda Hocking
A recently discovered (to me) author, who's books I have yet to read (yes they are on my to read list) but if I love reading them as much as her blog I will no doubt be hooked.

Lo Johnston
A great blog with tips for writing, inspirational moments and topics to make you think. Always worth checking in with.
My Favourite Books
My favourite book review blog.

How to be a Writer
Sally O'Reilly writes a fantastic blog with hints and tips for writers, whilst also sharing some of her own writing (which is witty and compelling).

My Name is Not Bob
A newly discovered blog with tips for writers. From what I have read so far his writing is funny with lots of handy links.

Mr Bs Emporium of Reading
The blog started during the 'adventure' of opening an independent bookshop in Bath and has continued.

Writing from the Tub
For all things booky.
Open a Bookshop, what could possibly go wrong?
I witty tale of opening a bookshop in London.

The Bookette
Great YA and children's book reviews.

A quirky blog dedicated to the shelves us book nerds put our most prized possessions on.

An Awfully Big Blog Adventure
As it says on the tin, 'The ramblings of a few scattered authors'.

I know there are not 15 but these are the ones I like the most. I am sure by the time I have visited some of the blogs mentioned on Kicking Corners there will be more to add to my list of favourite blogs, but until then...

7 uninteresting facts about little old me:

1. I am a lover of smells, strange I know. I love all the obvious smells: newborn babies, fresh coffee, home baking fresh out of the oven. There are, however some smells that distract me on the spot, the smell of a man when they have been working outside is one. A strange mix of hard work and nature in one bundle, sorry I can not describe it any better but I am sure you will know what I mean. If not it is a good excuse to get the man in your life to go and do some gardening just to find out ;-)

2. I am addicted to books. Not just reading them, buying them and hording them. At the last count we have 7 bookshelves in our house and literally have no room for any more. But there is no way I will ever get rid of any!!!
3. I love water, in any shape or form; the sea, lakes, ponds, streams, put me near one and I cannot but help but smile. But I don't like to drink it, I'm weird I know ,most people get used to me eventually!

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4. The realisation that I had grown up was when I felt the need to start using eye cream, or "mummy's old lady cream" as my kids call it! Charming eh?

5. There are certain foods or drinks that I like, but don't like things flavoured like them. Bananas I like, but I can not stand banana flavoured milkshake or sweets. Coffee is another, I love a good cuppa but coffee flavoured things are simply awful. Whoever had the idea to have a coffee flavoured revel needs their head examining!

6. When I was at school I learnt traditional Lancashire clog dancing. I used to find this fact very embarrassing, however now I am older I have an appreciation for the links to my local areas history this has and that I had the opportunity to learn first hand.

7. Cherry blossom is my all time favourite flower. There is nothing better than the sight of a cherry tree in full bloom, it kind of looks like a cloud that has been caught in the branches or that some little fairy has taken candyfloss and decorated the trees with it to celebrate the start of spring. They last such a short time that some don't always understand my choice but they are spectacular when the are here and are so delicate even a slight wind will take them from their branches and send them scattering like confetti at a wedding. They are for me the embodiment of spring; short lived, delicate and full of promise.

Cherry Blossoms
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So, from a very happy me, happy blogging all my friends ;-)


  1. Congrats! Came to you from dbstevens' blog. I find that most candy isn't really flavoured like the actual food. Though, I think the smell of coffee in anything is too realistic for me to like.

  2. Well done you, I am now going to have a wander over to dbstevens to have a read. Love the 7 interesting facts you are definitely a strange one!!!!!xxxxxxxxxx Thanks for the mention too : )

    1. Have a look over at the versatile blogger award, now tou have been nominated you have to do the same ;-)

  3. Fabulous facts. I knew it. I like your description in 1 and love your realization in 4. Very charming :) Number 6? Awesome. I knew this girl in high school that would clog through the halls, and of course in programs and stuff. She made it look so cool. Do you still know how? And 8? Yes. I totally know what you mean. The sight, the smell, the short-lived beauty which makes them even more fragile and wonderful.

    I'm excited to check out your other blogs. Tonight, when bugs are snug in their beds. I just had to drop in really fast to comment while they're napping for a moment.

    1. Thanks :-)

      Unfortunately I can only remeber a few steps, although there is a local group that I have just booked for an event I am planning and I may see about trying my hand again, if my clogs fit!

      I am so glad that I have found a fellow lover of Cherry blossom, yey I am not alone!

      I have been slowly checking out the blogs on your list but been a busy bee this week so it is taking time, loved them all so far though :-)

  4. Totally honored that you would mention my blog! Thank you! I always appreciate your comments and the ideas you share! It is so great to have connections and friends in the writing world. I loved reading the interesting things about you...ah, the eye cream. Gotta love that morning when you notice the first line carving its way out from the corner of your eye.
    Congrats on the nomination!

    1. Thanks Lo, I love your blog! I have to stop in most days even if just to check out the quote of the day :-) Today's is great, chocolate is definately a great side dish to love ;-)


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