Thursday, 1 November 2012

Small Stones

Mindful Writing Day: 1st Nov

So apparently it is Mindful Writing Day today, find out more at Writing Our Way Home. Thanks Lou for pointing me in their direction.

As far as I can gather you simply have to slow down and notice life, then put it into words (put slightly better than my feeble description here)

This is my attempt:

A click, a pull
Warmth rushes to my face.
Black and cracked, ash and glow
Another log, crack and pop
You'll keep us warm a while longer
I'll miss you when we're gone

 In other news on this fine Thursday I have been given another award, this time I get to gush about the people that make blogging worth while....readers!

Who thinks I am worthy of such an awar? The Modfather of course and with a name like tthat who am I to argue. My most recent blogging crush, and she is, as she says, a fellow Lancastrian who makes cupcakes and doesn't shave over winter (unless certain celebs come a knocking). Certainly worth a visit!!
There are rules, but it is late and I have packing to do so I will revisit this another day this week. Great topic for one of my daily posts...Yep that's right, I was feeling left out, everyone else has signed up to something this month if it wasn't NaNoWriMo (sorry to much of a whimp this year, maybe 2013) it was NaBloPoMo. I don't like not being at the party so in a rash decision I have signed up to the November challenge (sorry Deb no novels this year, the blogging daily challenge)....Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh *runs screaming from the room* Wish me luck!!!!
NaBloPoMo November 2012
Speaking of parties, this was all for Larissa's Tit Bit Thursday Link Up Party, visit her at Papa is a Preacher.


  1. Look at you, the social butterfly! Receiving awards, participating in month long or weekly parties as well as prompts! Good for you! :) Thanks for linking up Sleepy Joe!

    1. I always was a late developer ;-) and I wouldn't miss your party unless incapacitated!!

      Just wish me luck for the rest of the month :-/

  2. Love the small stones. I could almost feel the fire on my face, too.

    1. I have also fallen for the small stones. I am glad that you could feel the fire too, I had a really great photo but it wouldn't load properly so at least the stone did it's job all by it's self :-D

  3. I missed the Mindful challenge thing while away wallowing, but have really enjoyed reading everyone else's attempts.

    This is my seventh year of November NaBloPoMo. Last year, I not only completed the full month of November but six more months of daily posting. (I didn't really have that goal in mind when I started out, it just kind of happened.) I think the best thing about it is "meeting" other bloggers--with so much more activity going on, there's so many opportunities to find new reads and readers.


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