Tuesday, 24 April 2012

200 Tuesday

So, as I said last week, 200 Tuesdays are the days are when I will let loose some of my original work. If I can bear to rip it from the pages of my note pad, virtually of course!

Do any of you have the same nervous feeling letting you words walk out into the big bad world? There is part of me that really just wants to keep them tucked up in their nice warm notebook! I guess this is a little like letting go of your kids as they grow up, writing this reminds me of a post this week over at frazzled & frumpy, which lead to a minor panic attack thinking about my girls growing up. It also had a very neat challenge to write a six word autobiography, it's harder than it may seem. Have a go in the comments here if you like, mine was 'Mother, lover, reader, dreamer, part-time writer'

Any way, I digress. I thought it would be appropriate to start where I began, less than a year ago, with poetry. Have a look and see what you think!

Door And Stone Wall
view original here

The Door

There is a door, I see it clearly
On the outside it looks a little dreary
As I enter my heart sores because
I feel like Dorothy entering Oz
Light all around and colours amazing
That wonderful smell of summer lazing
I take a deep breath, at last I'm home
While I'm here I'm never alone

I feel your touch before I see your face
Your lips on my neck, your warm embrace
We sit, we walk, we talk, we kiss
When I'm not here it's this I miss
Just as the sun begins to fall
I realise I must return through the wall

There is a door I see it clearly
On the outside it looks a little dreary
Or is the door just in my mind
To keep my thoughts of you behind
When I'm alone and feeling blue
I only have to think of you.


  1. Panic attack or no, I'm so glad you let this poem come out and play. It's lovely. The visuals are so real, the rhythm is soft and well done, it makes me gasp at just the right moments.

    Makes me think of my own life-experiences, and therein is the connection. Writing is magical, for sure. So well done.

    6-word bio? Listening to babies crooning, I'm content.

  2. Thanks Deb. I am very intrgued now as to how this poem relates to you!!

    Love the 6-word bio. I keep trying to think of another but I am stuck...I hate having to describe myself. I think it's because I worry that is not how people see me?!? Wow that's deep for a Wednesday, best go and have a cookie to compensate ;-)

  3. Love it Al and no I can't do the 6-word bio, can't think of anything x crafty mama, wifey, obsessive cleaner??????? Words are just not my thing - I can make 6 different crafty things tho!

    1. Thanks. I love that you have taken a wordy bio and turned it crafty :-D


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