Thursday, 26 April 2012

Random Thursdays goes Mad Lib

I love Kicking Corners it is, in my daughters language, my favouritest blog ever. Tonight you were going to be subjected to a wonderfully random blog about the size of rain drops. Cliff notes version; we have had every sort of rain today from big fat drops slow, big fat drops torrential, all the way to that fine drizzle that 'wets you through'. Ok, I'm bored of this already and am so glad to have a call to madness to follow, it is going to make this post soooo much more interesting!

Ok so from what I gather I have to answer a few questions and then go back to Kicking Corners to see the magic happen...Here goes:

1. Number - 7

2. Two things you need to survive - Chocolate and my family (obvious and corny...sorry)

3. Favourite Season - Spring (I like all of them but when pushed!)

4. Onomatopoeia for something repeating three times (ex: “thwack, thwack, thwack”) - Snap, snap, snap

5. Size adverb - Huge (pronounced huuowge)

6. Colour adverb - Deep

7. Scary person, thing, or animal - Me in a bad mood

8. Common greeting - 'ya alreight mi cocker' (apologies for the local dialect here I couldn't resist)

9. A complete thought, random or otherwise - Why is it some rain wets you more than other types of rain when it is all just water?

10. Verb ending in “ed” - Squished

11. What would your reply be to someone saying, “You don’t look like you want to do this. Are you afraid?” - Nah, I look like this all the time. Same as everything I say is with a sarcastic tone!

12. Place - By the sea

13. Type of building - Castle

14. Flat object - Plank

15. Verb - Learn
That done, and it was fun, all I have to do is visit Kicking Corners tomorrow to find out how this will translate in to my 'Mad Masterpiece'. If you fancy having a bash, go ahead, either in the comments or on your blog. Do you have the guts to surrender to the madness? Go on, 'I dare you'.  I am so excited I don't think I can wait until tomorrow.


  1. Oh yes, this is so much fun. I'm laughing already, cause I know how it all fits in. Fabulous fun...yay for tomorrow!

  2. Ah, you can't do that to me! I am so intrigued!!!


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