Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Light bulb!

Ok, yes I am still alive. I know it has been a while since I posted but I have had to prioritise!

I have had a rare opportunity today to sit back and think for a while but every time I did my 'to do' lists just kept popping into my head; jobs in the house, jobs in the garden, jobs to apply for, reorganise my favourites on my browser (thanks to all the fantastic links from Kicking Corners), actually look at some of the new blogs and resources I have saved as favourites..... The list of things to do just kept getting bigger.

It was at this moment that I had some kind of weird Alice inspired daydream of drowning under scattered pages from a book, with random URL links floating around highlighted purple. Oh what Freud would do with that!!

Time to prioritise! Something I seem to be very able to do at work but when it comes to things for me I seem to have amazing difficulty! I think it was a comment from my other half today that reminded me what is important to me; when I suggested that I was going to get my laptop out on holiday I was faced with a very quizzical look, when I clarified by saying it was to post on my blog I got a why-the-hell-would-you-want-to-do-that retort. Yes, I had a light bulb moment, that little flame of anger inside that said 'why the hell wouldn't I!' That little bit of an affirmation to myself to say this is what I want to do, it is important to me and if I can't go ahead and write for a little while when I am on holiday then when can I.

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I am sorry that this little slice of me time today has ended up being a very short rant. I haven't yet worked out my plan of action, but in this moment, sat here writing this, I have decided it is time I stopped playing at this and set my self some targets for my blog to start with and my other writing projects too. Wish me luck!!


  1. *wishing you arm-loads and bucket-fulls of luck* Yay for you making time to write! Blogging is great, but keep up on your writing projects for sure. And I loved your visual of the Alice-esque drowning. I so get that; you put it perfectly.

    1. Thanks for the luck, seems to be going ok so far?!?!

  2. I received a similar look from Lex a couple of days ago when I told him I was feeling overwhelmed between work, home obligations, podcast, blog, and book.

    He said, "Well, perhaps you need to prioritize and let something go."

    I so wanted to say, "OK! I'll stop grocery shopping and doing the laundry!" I don't think that's quite what he had in mind *laughing*.

    1. I am glad I'm not the only one. I wish something like that would have popped into my mind instead of a rather embarassed justification of what I want to do. I am sure I will have to be a stronger advocate for my writting!


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