Friday, 27 April 2012

Mad Lib Masterpiece

Just a quick post before bed to share with you my Mad Lib Masterpiece. Head over to Kicking Corners to have a look. It has definitely been fun seeing how many different directions a story can head in with just a few random words.

Happy reading, happy weekend!

Magic Moment

Spending half an hour sat with my beautiful girls playing hairdresser. I ended up with some gorgeous pigtails, plaited with the help of my other half no less. I don't know about you but I love having my hair played with. It brings back such clear and memories of my Father.


  1. I do love having my hair played with. It's so relaxing, and brings back happy memories for me too, though not so much of my father.

    My Alpha is still little enough that he'll play with my hair, albeit with a mini plastic toy rake rather than something more conventional. I'll take whatever I can get, though :)

  2. I could sit all day with someone playing with my hair. heaven.

  3. Me too, or playing with someones, shame we aren't closer to each other ;-)


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