Monday, 16 April 2012

The Art of Skimming

I am reliably informed that it is all in the arm! The perfect position, the perfect is all nothing if not for the correct flick of the wrist.

I don't know about you, but in all my years of trying to get that stone to effortlessly bounce across the water I have always failed miserably. My attempts invariably end in one huge plopping sound and, if I am lucky, a nice fountain of water erupting from the surface where the pebble broke through.

This could be a metaphor for my life. Most of the things I attempt in my life have never been completed with finesse in any sense of the word. Getting up from my preferred cross-legged position on the floor is usually met with rapturous laughter or the attempt to cross the little stream usually ends up with me in the stream rather than at the other side!

Maybe it is time to embrace the plop and endeavour, in all I do, to just make the biggest splash I can and admire the great sound and fountain that I create.

Magic Moment of Today:
For the purposes of today's post I am borrowing an idea from my favourite blog Kicking Corners today I have a magic moment to share, so I hope she doesn't mind!

My magic moment came watching my eldest try to teach my youngest how to skim stones at the beach, when she has absolutely no idea herself! My youngest just abandoned all attempts at finesse in favour of locating the biggest stone to make the biggest splash. The sound of their giggling as the waves forced their retreat was like music. Happy memories all round!


  1. thank you for sharing

  2. Yay! Yes, I love that you're doing the magic moment thing... you should keep it up if you want to. Love it. Your memory was so sweet, and I love the way you detailed it. Your choice of words is magical as well -- I could see it so clearly.

    And I love the idea of "embracing the plop." I needed to hear this today. Making a big splash -- you've got to be brave to do that, eh? These are courageous words, and I definitely needed them. Thank you.

    1. How's about we be brave together ;-) I have to say though there was more of a resigned feeling, rather than being brave, behind the words yesterday, but after your words I am feeling much braver, so thanks for that!

      As long as you don't mind me posting magic moments then I am sure there will be a few more that pop up from time to time. They do say that imitation is the highest form of flattery!


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