Saturday, 1 September 2012

Fume induced memories

Today I remembered how painting with a roller makes is feel like it is raining inside, however it doesn't taste as good as rain (note to self keep your mouth shut whilst painting)!

I remembered how I love the prickly feeling of rubbing the little dots of paint off your skin.

Also discovered that this hand position makes for a cool shadow puppet crocodile - do you see it or is it just me? (hope the white paint spots show up ok)

But how I don't really love seeing spots!

Not sure you can see the white spots all over my glasses but trust me I can see them!!
Finally I realised that although I could clean up my step ladders I don't think I ever will, they wear the map of our lives like a badge of honour. Holding there so many memories of every life change we have ever encountered. I also hope that my Mum never cleans hers either as they map out my life before the other half; the sadness, the hope and the sheer creative flare I had once!
Who knew that decorating could hold so many revelations and so such inspiration, off to type up a story that came to me while I wait for paint to dry (well it's got to be better than watching it dry, no?)


  1. Having just helped my oldest son and his girlfriend paint practically every wall in their new house (not to mention the basement FLOOR), I can completely identify with these issues...

    1. Three coats down and a blister for my efforts but it looks ace, just got to find the images the eldest is happy with now!

      Hope you managed injury free, I love decorating new houses especially, it makes them yours. Hope they are settling in well.

  2. When we were painting our bedrooms last month, the jBird told me the paint roller sounded like "when you stir macaroni and cheese" but I like the idea of rain a lot better.

    I hope you get the spots off your glasses. I can certainly relate. It's maddening.

    1. Ha, I read this comment this morning before I started on the final round and seeing as we don't make or eat macaroni and cheese I now have a wonderful image (not really the right word) in my head of what it would sound like :-)

      I am lucky that I have recently bought new glasses and these are my old ones so they can stay spotty until I have completely finished decorating, you never know it may start to give me a whole new out look on things!


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