Friday, 31 August 2012

Paint fumes and excitement

Just to warn you I may still be a little high on paint fumes so if this post wanders off at a tangent you can't say you weren't prepared!

So you know that I hate wallpaper, or I guess more specifically the removal of said overly sticky and infernal wall covering device. I am also not overly keen on home improvements in general; the disruption, arguments and overall chaos caused!

Flash back.....why am I doing all this again?? Oh yeah I remember because such is the love I have for my babies! In the fairy tale land inside my mind my two angels exist together in perfect harmony, looking out for each other when the evil butterfly comes to eat them alive (transalet - they fight like cat and dog at the moment and were only united tonight in their freaking out whilst me and the other half removed an unwanted house guest from their bedroom in the form of a butterfly). However I am an only child and my view of how sisters co-exist could be a little skewed! The reality....if we don't separate them there could be a serious case of sororicide.

Therefore our box room and general dumping ground (we all have one of those rooms, right?) now needs to become a bedroom, fit for a girl a hop skip and a jump away from teenagedom!

There has been demolition, discoveries that elicit certain expletives (various were used so take your pick), followed by the removal of the devils own decorating favourite, repairs, plastering, the clean up and the fun starts.

As much as I hate wallpaper I love painting!

The colour has been picked by the eldest, with more than a little guidance (I was not looking forward to having to paint over deep purple in a few years time!) and her personalisation theme is in the planning stage.

Oh, I love personalising rooms, I always have. As a teenager I had a night sky look in my room, complete with gold suns, moons and stars (oh yeah and bark blue paint - hell to paint over!). Having babies has provided many opportunities for fun murals and cuteness! So far we have had; a Winnie the Pooh theme complete with fluffy clouds, a fairy tale theme complete with frog princes, fairies and butterflies (it even had a blue sky with fluffy clouds, a green carpet for grass and stars and moons lighting) and finally a fully personal effort with names and hand prints.

view original here

I am getting a little excited about what I can create in two little girls bedrooms. My brief; book characters. The eldest specifically wants Roald Dahl characters the youngest has yet to decide. I am just a little giddy and that is definitely the fumes talking because I am no artist. The reality; how the hell do I create wall size versions of our favourite book characters?? I am sure it will work out ok (seriously need to get some fresh air!!)

So did you have a personalised room as a child? How would you decorate your room if you could go back and create yourself one?


  1. My daughter and husband did deep purple and lime green in her attic bedroom. When she moves out on her own, we're going to have the brightest guest room on the planet because it would probably take 42 coats of another color to even come close to covering what's there now.

    I moved around too much to every really do much with my own room growing up. And, too, I almost always had to share with my sister(s).

    1. Go with brightest guest room, purple and lime green sound ace together, besides just think how much smaller your room would be if you did try to paint over it ;-)

      I am lucky (?) that way being an only child, I kind of got to personalise the whole house eventually! I will post some pictures when we are done and you can live vicariously for a moment or two (minus issues of painting over when you out grow the images!)

  2. Got my wife a not very expensive video projector, as used to show TV on a screen. It also has a place to plug into a computer, and we can use it as a monitor. Now she can grab things off of the internet, or scan in anything printed, manipulate images in Photoshop, then project them on the wall. Moving the projector in and out, and adjusting the size/format in software changes the size and proportion of pictures. Just trace around on the wall and paint in. You can even leave the image projected as a further guide as painting.

    1. That is a great idea, now all I need is the munchkins to decide what they want! Thanks.


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