Thursday, 17 January 2013

A Cure for Love

There are a number of fantastic ladies I have the privlage of working with, one in particular provides a fantastic service to the people in the community that are unable to make it into the library for books.

Today she showed me this little note, a small post-it stuck to a returned audio book from a 92 year old lady.

"I still have no cure for love"

This made me smile at first, such a cute little note. But then it made me a little sad! I don't think the lady is seriously looking for a cure for love, I think it had more to do with the book that it was stuck to. It just got me to thinking.....

I think better in places like this:

With views like this:

And this:

However I didn't have long, as usual!! Even so my mind kind of drifted to my virtual BFF Deb's medicine cabinet challenge, would a cure for love be something you would want in your medicine cabinet?

When I think of my ideal medicine cabinet it would be more a Narnian wardrobe leading straight to here:

Complete with potions master preferably!

The odd vile of Veritaserum would come in really handy or a little Felix Felicis tucked away for necessity.

Yes love is hard but would I include a cure for love? What instance would you even consider needing a cure for love? 

I have felt all consuming love, I still feel all consuming love. I have loved and then had the object of my love taken from me, yet still I don't think I would want to be cured of that love because it fuels my memory. 

Hmmm, there is unrequited love; the times when you fall so completely for the one person you can't have or that hasn't fallen as far for you. Would you cure yourself of that love? Is this the cure I need to keep tucked at the back of my medicine cabinet along with my liquid luck for emergencies? For times when it hurts and you have to try not to love someone.

But alas, I fear my medicine cabinet will forever be stocked with the staples of nit lotions, spot potions and Calpol (because it mends broken bones). If someone is still looking after 92 years I don't think there is a cure to be had! There are much worse things to be told there is no cure, there are worse things to live with than a heart full of love.

Would you use a cure for love?


  1. Sweet lord I love all the Harry Potter references! Squee! But I don't know that I would use a cure for love even if I had one. Even in unrequited love there are lessons to be learned.

    1. So true!!

      I was watching Shakespeare in Love tonight (background noise) and this line jumped out: Love is 'a sickness and cure together' Even unrequited love will cure its self eventually.

  2. Erm....I don't think I would use a cure for love even if I had one! Even if Snape himself created it! ....that said, pretty sure if Snape created it he would probably use it himself.

    1. Agreed! I think he needs it more than most!!

  3. I don't know... I just think that would be an extremely dangerous medicine to have...

    It could possibly double as a poison too..

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Do you know I hadn't thought of it that way. I got stuck on how sad it would be to 'cure' yourself of the worst and most wonderful thing in the world, all wrapped up in one little parcel!

      It would be a very evil poison too!!

  4. I throw around the word 'love' a lot. For example, I love this post. But? But I think I mean it every time.

    I've only had one real unrequited love, and how it tears at my heart. A sharp knife, still. But the thing with unrequited love I have to ask is: Was I more in love with the person they were, or the person I thought they were? And is the knife so sharp because they didn't love me back, or because the person I thought they were isn't real which means now I have to deal with that disillusionment? Hmm. Lots of thoughts. Thoughts I would not want to have a cure for, no. I like having that pocket of my life, regardless of how painful it is.

    I think love is the strongest...emotion/power/thing we have, so I definitely wouldn't want a cure. Maybe I'll think differently at 92? But you're right (and this made me cry) -- "there are worse things to live with than a heart full of love."

    1. I am sorry for making you cry!! I wouldn't cure love, lost love or unrequited love. You said it perfectly 'I like having that pocket of my life, regardless of how painful it is.'

      I love very easily and readily and I too throw around the word a lot, always with meaning. Hate, now I find it very hard to hate. Thank you for loving my post!

  5. My first instinct was to remark that while I would not want a cure for love generally, there are certainly specific "loves" that I might wish to be cured of--rich, fattening food for just one example, along with the occasional unrequired or under-requited love over the years. Then I started thinking about all the different definitions of love and all its odd manifestations and I wandered down an entirely different rabbit hole from which I might never escape--but it's warm and kinda cozy down here so don't worry 'bout me. ;)

    1. Sorry for sending you down a rabbit hole, may be you could share your discoveries ;-)


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