Thursday, 24 January 2013

Random and very linky Thursday

The blank screen...... I haven't ever been really stuck for something to write before. But sitting here with the blank screen in front of me I find myself with no real news to fill you in on, nothing to complain about and nothing even particularly random to report......

Ah ha, light bulb moment, I am going to have a bit of a linky post....why didn't that occur to me before??

Katie at Nested has made me laugh out loud this week through just sheer honesty.

Loki at The Modfather posted a comic this week which was not only amazing it inspired a little sketching of my own. I had an image in my head and it actually turned out the way I wanted it too, which is odd for me I tend to doodle and if it turns out ok then so be it.

A friend has recently started a new blog, check it out it's ace! Blogs and Boulders come on the name is great, no?!?

Finally I had a fabulous walk yesterday. It was amazing in many ways that I cannot hope to explain here, but one thing that made me smile so much was getting out into the unbroken snow. I tried to take a photo to convey this but as usual me and my iphone did a pathetic job. Photography might be on my bucket list, but I don't think this lifetime would be enough time to scrape together even a few decent shots. It is for this reason that I will link to my favourite photographer to illustrate my point with much more finesse. Head over to Lee Johnson Photography he posted some gorgeous photos yesterday that capture the gorgeousness of the winter landscape so much better than I could ever hope to do.

So, I will leave you with this;

Unbroken snow, so crisp, so perfect,
Lay endless out before us, 
Behind us lay a map of our time.


  1. Thanks for linking to my blog! You are too kind! I hope you have a wonderful day! :-)

    1. You're are welcome, thank you for making me smile and laugh out loud! (I have learnt to read your posts alone, it saves on so much questioning!)


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